Brand management software

Ensure brand consistency on all documents produced and enable the organization with professional content

Brand management software

Why our customers choose Templafy

Simple administration – Easily update and deploy brand assets and company content online with no need to disturb IT. Gain full control of your organization’s brand asset management.

Brand validation – Brand assets like fonts, company colors and logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

Content validation – When a document is re-used from an employee’s desktop, all document content is automatically validated against the latest versions published by administrators in Templafy.

Brand Asset Management integration – Templafy integrates with your brand asset management software, such as Bynder and Brandworkz.


“Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates and everything is completely integrated into the Office package. This has been a huge advantage. And our administrators now have a user-friendly admin interface where we can instantly add and edit content globally. This is amazing!”

Kristian Lysgaard, Director of Corporate Communications, Pandora

Distribution and access

Ensure brand compliance and boost productivity

Templafy is embedded into the document creation workflow and integrates with document creation apps – including email and other systems used for storing content. It provides intuitive one-click-access to company document assets.

Find company templates, presentations, ready-made slides, text elements, icons, images and digital assets stored in other systems. Real-time updates at Admin level mean that assets are always up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant. The Library is also available offline and is accessible from PC, Mac, and on all tablets and smartphones.

Automation and building

Dynamically apply brand and visual identity to documents

Document, presentation and email templates automatically load with up-to-date visual brand identity, legal disclaimers and employee information. Three levels of filtering take account of variables specific to user profiles, including location, language, and brand.

All company-provided brand and visual assets like logos, fonts, colors, digital assets and more can be centrally managed and updated through Templafy’s platform, which simplifies brand management.

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Checking and re-use

Check documents for inconsistencies and brand errors

Templafy provides productivity-boosting tools for employees that help them build and check presentations once they are ready.
Our solution ensures that the content, format, and layout are on-brand with the latest company standards.

When presentations have been locally saved and later reopened for re-use, Templafy keeps an eye on changes and updates in company-provided document content.

Integrate with current set up

Fully embedded into the employees workflow

Bring digital assets stored in other systems closer to employees through Tempalfy. Deep integrations to the core systems in content management places Templafy into the center of the content management ecosystem.

Integrations to over 40 DAM systems, CRM systems and document management applications ensures that companies leverage their whole IT infrastructure and optimize their employees daily workflow.

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