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How LRW ensures brand consistency in sales documents​

LRW is a global market research agency that, for nearly 50 years, has applied deep human understanding and sophisticated data analytics to provide brands with insights that drive measurable business success. Rated as #1 Most Innovative Insights Firm in North America, LRW’s methods provide an unparalleled impact for clients.

LRW uses PowerPoint for research proposals and reports, and design and visual storytelling is a strategic differentiator for the company, making brand consistency in their customer-facing materials a priority. As LRW grew organically and acquired new capabilities through acquisitions, it became even more important to share consistently designed and branded sales materials.

LRW’s solution

Centralized library access to always-up-to-date materials

LRW chose a solution that helped them control what people were creating by making access to branded materials easy and the deployment of updates fast. The company previously organized materials in several libraries, but with Templafy, consolidated that structure into a single Library where smart filters gave the right employees to access the correct templates and content. ​

Quickly building best-in-class sales proposals in PowerPoint ​

LRW had a strong proposal workflow in PowerPoint, and adding Templafy to that workflow was a seamless adjustment, making user adoption very easy and quick. With the new workflow, business developers can be more efficient by quickly putting together proposal drafts and customizing the documents to the exact needs of their clients.

Always on-brand and professional sales materials

LRW proposals represent their brand through visually appealing presentations, slides and icons. Although they have a variety of divisions and departments creating proposals, everyone can create documents that represent LRW’s brand and adhere to the design standards. It’s now all clear what colors, logos, fonts, graphic elements, icons and images business developers should use to create a unified brand look.

What may have taken a designer five to six hours is now a 30-minute job. It’s something that can be done quickly, without losing quality.
Marcus Lee
VP, Design
We all know super-smart content presented in a sloppy way just doesn’t come across nearly as well as super-smart presented crisply, nicely, with a cohesive brand. It’s about going out there with the right face to our clients.
Kim Rory
Senior VP, General Manager
The fastest that I probably could have given my client a well thought out PowerPoint presentation was at least five days. And it’s probably cut in half now that we have Templafy.
Alex Steging
VP, Account Manager
We needed a solution that could help us organize our materials easily with search functionality. We are all PowerPoint users, so we needed a solution that was going to work well with our PowerPoint templates. And we quickly realized that Templafy was that solution.
Lori Collins-Jarvis
VP of Sales Enablement ​

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