The brand management software for brand consistency by-default

Templafy enables automatic brand consistency across all digital content in large and multi-brand companies. 

"When we're stuck playing 'brand police' we're not developing"

Brand teams use their time on custom requests and brand policing if employees have no intuitive way to access correct brand assets.

"Colleagues are finding and using obsolete or off-brand content"

Employees are finding outdated content or defaulting to reusing obsolete versions if it's the faster and easier way to get work done.

"Rolling out a rebrand or updates globally is almost impossible"

Content distribution across big organizations is complex and requires IT resources, and we can't be sure new content gets used.

Templafy's connected workflow keeps users on-brand by-default  

Brand management has never been this easy! Templafy’s platform, within minutes, updates documents across entire organizations, keeps everyone on-brand by default and provides intuitive access to all company brand assets right from where it’s needed inside documents.

Templafy integrates with existing brand management and DAM systems, bringing all company digital content together and makes access to on-brand materials intuitive via a portal inside Office and G Suite documents.

Automation in base templates pulls in the correct brand assets and user information to ensure every document generated is automatically adhering to company brand standards.


LRW uses Templafy to distribute branded sales materials to our teams in LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina, and London. We may all be working remotely right now, but with Templafy we can all get the help we need and share materials together.

Lori Collins-Jarvis
VP Sales Enablement at LRW

All employees have access to updated and correct templates. We know that all approved pictures are easily available and that we are able to ensure that all disclaimers and general terms and information are updated on a regular basis.

Ove Forseth
Brand Manager, BDO Norway

From User Acceptance Testing to deployment, the solution has been simple to roll out across all offices. The capability to synchronize with Single Sign-On made this process especially easy for IT.

Cris Hamelo
Cris Hamelo
IT Specialist at Bonava
"When we're stuck playing 'brand police' we're not developing"

Give intuitive content access from inside document apps

Templafy gives every employee a simple route to approved marketing material from inside Microsoft Office and Google Workspace applications.

Integrating DAM systems with Templafy enables access to all digital assets from within content creation apps where employees are working. 

Templafy provides a one-click portal to Digital Assets Management Software assets and other content storage solutions. It ensures that the easiest way to find the latest company-approved digital assets is also the fastest.   

Introduce global brand consistency systems with Templafy

Consolidate for smart access 

Integrate existing brand management and DAM systems and connect Templafy's access portal to all brand assets inside Office and G Suite apps. 

Update and distribute in real-time  

Templafy's cloud platform means updates to assets happen in real-time while an easy Admin Center puts brand managers - not IT - in control of updates and distribution. 

Automate brand compliance

Smart templates auto-populate with the approved logos, data, and user information, eliminating the risk of selecting outdated content in documents.

Find out how Templafy is helping some of the world’s biggest brands stay consistent worldwide.

  • Easy access to all the company’s latest brand assets from inside document apps.
  • Build always-on-brand documents quickly with correct company content using smart automation.  
  • Keep company-owned brand assets up-to-date and distribute updates globally in real-time.