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Boost efficiency when creating deliverables without compromising quality.


Why consulting firms choose Templafy

Global consulting firms, including the Big Four, use Templafy to maximize the professionalism of their presentations and reports to clients, and save time when creating them. Employees are empowered to work efficiently and focus on meeting client expectations. Consultants can create slide decks, proposals, contracts and reports with the correct formatting, consistent branding and legal disclaimers automatically applied. Best-practice document templates, slides and spreadsheets can be shared internally in real-time, increasing productivity company-wide.

Increase productivity

Easy access to best practice templates, slide decks and document elements.

Fix inconsistencies

Automatically check and fix formatting mistakes and language inconsistencies.

Distribute instantly

Distribute the latest presentation templates, decks, slides and graphs in real time.

Ensure compliance

Automatically add up-to-date content and legal disclaimers.

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Trusted by enterprises

Over 200 businesses worldwide use Templafy – including global enterprises with over 20,000 employees. Learn how some of our customers use Templafy here.

Increasing efficiency

Creating a deliverable with Templafy

Efficiency and quality are essential when creating client deliverables.
Templafy supports each step of the document creation process, helping consultants save time while producing high-quality deliverables that best present their work.

Step 1: Access


Access up-to-date document templates, slides and digital assets, and ensure that all content is aligned with current company standards. Consultants are notified when they are using an outdated presentation saved on their desktop and presentations are updated to the latest company standards with one click.

Re-use best practice company content, such as text elements, slide decks along with on-brand images and icons, to easily put together and present deliverables for clients.

Step 2: Build

Customize proposals and presentations with user-specific adaption based on employee information, office location and context specific information such as industry, practice area and client details. Employees working in multiple markets and within different business units can have several different profiles.

Productivity tools make adjusting and unifying content in presentations faster. No matter how large the presentation is, tools are provided directly in PowerPoint and designed specifically for the most commonly used adjustments.

Step 3: Check


Automatically check entire presentations for possible formatting errors and fix them within seconds. This speeds up the presentation creation process and takes the burden of manually checking for formatting and language inconsistencies away from consultants.

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Fine-tune presentations

Explore Templafy’s productivity solutions

Templafy has several productivity tools to make creating high-standard presentations easier than ever before.

Adjust and unify

40 ways to check format, layout and content compliance

Reduce time spent on checking long, complex presentations for possible content, formatting and layout inconsistencies. With the click of a button, Templafy can check entire presentations against up to 40 different criteria that your firm has determined. This enables efficient editing and adjusting, while unifying the content of the presentation. For example, instantly check that every slide uses the same font, color scheme, bullet point types and footnote format.

Link Excel

Excel and PowerPoint work seamlessly together

Pull Excel tables, graphs and numbers directly into PowerPoint while maintaining the correct format. The Excel design will be applied to the PowerPoint element and a link between these two elements will be created. With this link, any changes made to the Excel element can be applied to PowerPoint with one click. No more manually copying and pasting updated numbers into weekly presentations and status reports. Templafy’s “update all” feature allows for instant update of all charts in a PowerPoint presentation from the corresponding Excel spreadsheets.

BDO Norway

BDO Norway’s consultants maintain a unified brand across documents and presentations produced in 70 different offices

“Since implementing Templafy, all our employees have the same set of templates at hand when creating documents and presentations. This leads to a more consistent and professional profile, and ensures that our brand is easily recognized.”

Caroline Wilander, Marketing Manager, BDO Norway

Easy integration with your IT setup

Direct integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.

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Secure and future-proof technology

Templafy is a security first organization. Templafy’s platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure using Platform-as-a-Service technology. Microsoft was chosen due to its extensive security features and strict compliance standards that enable commitment to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Templafy solution.

Templafy has a strong commitment to privacy, security and compliance. To further earn customer’s trust, we have introduced and optimized tools and processes to ensure our continued compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you want to learn more, our expert support team is always available to assist and answer any questions.

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“Templafy is a valuable solution for any public or private sector organization looking to govern and streamline employee communications created in Microsoft Office 365 applications in the cloud or on premise.”

Mark Walton, Office Marketing Group Lead, Microsoft NZ