Going off-brand is a risk you can't afford

Protect your brand reputation with documents that always hit the mark

“Without Templafy, there is no way we could get all of our 8,000 employees to adopt our new templates and showcase our new identity to our clients.”

Sarah Middleton, Marketing Director - Brand Integration

Your brand comes down to trust


No one knows how to stay on-brand

Employees keep using out-of-date templates and unapproved marketing assets

Your team gets stuck playing “brand police”

Productivity suffers when marketing has to focus on brand compliance rather than delivery

Brand roll-outs take far too long

Brand activation is a manual, time-consuming process

With Templafy

Brand consistency that shines through

A single, unified workflow that significantly reduces the risk of brand mistakes

Approved content accessible in seconds

All departments have a straightforward route to on-brand content and assets

Automatic, effortless brand adoption

Deliver new and updated assets to every employee desktop instantly

Your brand comes down to trust

Everyone has experienced brand anarchy


of employees report seeing content mistakes, even after feedback rounds

7 in 10

employees admit to using Google to search for their company image or logo


of employees find updating content one of the toughest parts of rebranding

Brand compliance at every step

Reduce mistakes by automatically aligning every document and email to your brand guidelines

Flexible templates

Get started with a customizable, brand-approved template

One-click content

Access approved content and assets without leaving your document

Real-time updates

Publish template and library updates instantly across your entire organization

Reliable AI content

Generate AI content that always aligns to your Tone of Voice

Easy editing

Finish every document with automatic formatting and style corrections

Simple signatures

Ensure every email signature always carries your brand identity

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How PANDORA drives brand usage worldwide

Employees know they are always using the latest templates and everything is completely integrated into Microsoft 365. This has been a huge advantage.

Kristian Lysgaard, Director of Corporate Communications, Pandora
How PANDORA drives brand usage worldwide
Centralized content management system
Instant distribution of new content

Let your brand shine through

Your brand thrives on outstanding documents. Templafy paves the way to smart brand compliance.

No more switching between apps

Create, assemble, and finalize on-brand documents inside Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. That means templates, content, and editing tools at your fingertips.

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Every branded asset in one place

Provide employees with access to the latest brand content, and distribute updates in real-time from one centralized library.

Keep employees on-brand

Safe and compliant AI

Use generative AI directly inside your documents in an environment that you control. Set your Tone of Voice and check for non-compliant language.

Discover Templafy's AI Assistant

Your gateway to flawless presentations

50+ PowerPoint editing tools for professional, on-brand presentations. Check slides for errors against pre-defined rules, and fix formatting issues in seconds.

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Make every email count

Ensure every email is on-brand and effective with simple email signature management. Deploy best practice layouts without the need for IT.

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Activate your brand with confidence

3 things brand leaders wish they knew before rebranding

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