Document classifications at the point of creation

Enhanced control effectiveness

Compliant documents that meet security requirements

With Templafy, organizations can automatically ensure that every document is labeled correctly (from sensitivity level to user access) and contains company-approved content, such as legal disclaimers, from the start.

That means Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is activated even better with Templafy, providing DLP tooling such as Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) assurance while embedding the protection process into everyday workflows.

Templafy allows us to pull the metadata into a single repository, which enables us to control and report on it. We had complete blind spots with the way that the old template system used to work.

Graeme Bland
Graeme Bland
Head of IT for Productivity and Project Applications
Better data discovery

Full control over your document landscape

Every new document created with Templafy has the correct metadata assigned to it, making it easier to locate information, manage document governance and DLP signposts, and define retention times across the company.

Consequently, organizations can better navigate their approach to data and compliance regulations such as CCPA and GDPR, while ensuring adherence to strict ISO 27001 2022 standards for document management.

Real-time updates

Effectively manage policy changes

Distribute changes to document templates in moments. From document classifications and retention times to pre-populated content, make sure every new document is fully aligned to compliance standards.

With Templafy, organizations can get a complete overview of every document template – helping them to understand where the gaps are and prepare for the changes ahead.

We're never asked to report ROI on Templafy because it's far too obvious how essential of an investment it is for our team – and I don't expect that request to ever really come through.

Sebastien Dubrelle

Compliance from the start

Ensure every new document follows internal processes and security certifications from the outset

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