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Prepare your content infrastructure for what's coming

"We have no secure, system-wide alignment for employees creating documents"

Shifts toward remote work make it increasingly hard for IT to provide a standardized, efficient and secure user experience for employees creating documents.

"Our template system does not support mandatory classification and user metadata"

Legacy template management systems have a limitation that does not allow IT to ensure mandatory classification and user metadata in documents.

"Our infrastructure makes supporting content distribution and brand rollouts a nightmare"

It's extremely time-consuming, manual and resource-heavy to support any sort of document or content-related updates or distribution company-wide.

"We have no secure, system-wide alignment for employees creating documents"

Security and efficiency in all document creation

Introduce security and efficiency to document workflows by integrating enterprise identity management (SSO) with employee documents - wherever they're working.

Integrations with Single Sign-On and existing content applications gather content and employee information and deliver it directly to employee workflows inside Microsoft Office and Google Workspace applications.

Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2)

ISO27001 Information security management

Service Organization Control 3 (SOC 3)

EU General Data Protection Regulation

From User Acceptance Testing to deployment, the solution has been simple to roll out across all offices. The capability to synchronize with Single Sign-On made this process especially easy for IT.

Cris Hamelo
Cris Hamelo
IT Specialist at Bonava
"Our template systems do not support mandatory classification and user metadata"

Set up document metadata from the very start

Templafy allows for different metadata types to be set automatically when an employee creates a document. It requires no user input, so all documents can be classified according to pre-set company policies.

Because Templafy gets data from many sources, including user profiles, integrated systems, or documents; metadata setup and control possibilities are almost limitless.

"Our infrastructure makes supporting content distribution and brand rollouts a nightmare"

One content enablement platform to connect it all

Consolidate software around existing content systems and create an evergreen content infrastructure that cut costs and maintenance for IT teams - even during implementation with an out-of-the-box solution for connecting SSO and integrations.

A connected content infrastructure facilitates smooth and easy content distribution in a user-friendly workflow that content teams can control without IT's help.

Build a modern and lasting digital workplace with Templafy

No matter where you are in the digital transformation process, Templafy is ready to modernize your document IT infrastructure.

Our local brand management departments now can edit corporate content directly and apply respective changes immediately – a facet our IT admins are particularly intrigued by as it takes everyday management off their shoulders and thus adds more hours to their day.

Wakana Pivoteau Sakihama
Head of Corporate Branding at Coloplast

Seeing the quarterly adoption and usage figures of Templafy, I wonder how we even managed this before.

Malcolm Stamper
Corporate Brand Coordinator at Etex

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