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Build professional proposals, presentations, and contracts faster

“Templafy has freed up our sales team to do more live presentations, which has a direct impact on our win rate.”

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James Bruce, Senior Pre-sales Architect, Icomm

Focus on deals, not documents


Proposal creation costs time and money

Teams spend time making or repurposing collateral instead of pitching to clients.

Incorrect client decks lead to lost deals

Content and data inaccuracies impact deal outcomes and company reputation.

Scattered processes impact sales targets

Without a unified system in place, everyone follows their own, chaotic path.

With Templafy

Automation gets the job done quicker

Great productivity, reduced costs and more time selling.

Professional, deal-closing deliverables

Less risk, increased compliance, and significantly faster turnaround times.

Shorter sales cycles, better outcomes

Improved efficiency, easier collaboration, and streamlined document creation.

Focus on deals, not documents

Why it matters

1 in 2

professionals expect a 20% revenue boost by removing content bottlenecks


of professionals want to see document creation tasks automated in the near future


days saved annually per employee by automating document creation

Maximize your sales potential

With one streamlined workflow, document creation is no longer the bottleneck holding you back

Flexible templates

Choose a customized template that fits perfectly to your chosen format and style

One-click content

Access approved, up-to-date content and assets without leaving your document

CRM integration

Gather customer data in real-time for fast an easy personalization

Safe AI usage

Unlock the power of AI without compromising security

Effortless editing

Finalize every document with automatic formatting and style corrections

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Improving M&A deal outcomes at Aquin

Templafy ensures our professionals have access to the right content at the right time, so they can spend more time on true finance work.

Improving M&A deal outcomes at Aquin
Faster presentation turnaround times
Better company valuations & strategic analysis

Less effort. Bigger returns

Behind every win is an outstanding document. Remove the guesswork and focus on what really matters

Everything you need in one place

Create, assemble, and finalize sales material from within Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. That means templates, content, and editing tools at your fingertips.

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Work smarter with your CRM

Start your proposal in Salesforce (or other CRM), automate its creation using the correct client data and save the final version back to the relevant client account.

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Safe and compliant AI

Use generative AI from within the programs you already use. We secure your data and privacy settings in an environment that you control.

Discover Templafy's AI Assistant

Your gateway to flawless presentations

Check slides for errors against 40 pre-defined rules, enable one consistent company language, and fix formatting and alignment issues in seconds.

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Build better documents at scale

How leading enterprises are supercharging their document creation efforts

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