Get more from document management systems with Templafy 

Integrate your existing DMS with Templafy and leverage more out of your current setup.

Faster workflow with precise results 

How Templafy leverages more from document management  systems 

When a document template is opened from any document management system, Templafy will connect and merge relevant data from the DMS, helping employees to very quickly create documents. Whether creating a letter or a report, because the data is pulled directly from DMS, documents are accurate by default. Documents are automatically saved back to the correct location in the DMS, completing a fast and secure workflow.  

Integrating DMS systems and Templafy

Connects all DMS data directly to documents eliminating the risk of human error.

Provides an intuitive and faster workflow for employees creating business documents. 

Ensures all documents created through company DMS are on-brand and stored correctly. 

LRW uses Templafy to distribute branded sales materials to our teams in LA, NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina and London. We may all be working remotely right now, but with Templafy we can all get the help we need and share materials together.  

Lori Collins-Jarvis 
 VP Sales Enablement, LRW 

Learn how Templafy can integrate with your existing DMS system, and help you leverage more out of it. 

  • Easy access to all relevant company content from inside document apps.
  • Build always-accurate documents quickly with correct company content using automation. 
  • Keep company-owned content up-to-date and auto-fix all detected inconsistencies in a click.