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What is Document Management Software?

Document Management Software is a vital part of digital transformation. It enables your organization’s documents to be stored and accessed digitally, through a technological platform.

Ongoing digital transformation has led to a need for Document Management tools. As employees’ workloads are increasingly online, Document Management Software allows employees to track, manage and store electronic documents, making it easy to monitor and control documents.

Document Management Software offers many benefits, which can include:

  • Easy collaboration
  • Version tracking
  • Organizational functions, such as search bars
  • Integrated compliance on documents
  • Real time updates
  • Minimal risk of human error

Choosing Document Management Software

Different types of Document Management Software are suitable for different organizations

There are multiple types of Document Management Software available, and each offers different advantages and disadvantages. Your organization’s requirements must be taken into account when choosing which Document Management Software to use.

It may even be that Document Management Software is not the correct tool for your organization, for example, if your workload is content heavy, a Digital Asset Management System could be more appropriate.

Choosing Document Management Software

On-premise Document Management Software

On-premise software is one of the first types of Document Management Software, is often used in large organizations, and has the following properties:


    • Mostly runs offline, but some are online
      • Allows control of data
        • Traditionally viewed as more secure


However, on-premise Document Management Software can be difficult and costly to maintain, and are not always effectively able to scale with an organization. These Document Management platforms also lack easy accessibility from different locations, which is necessary for an era of flexible workspaces.

Choosing Document Management Software

Cloud-based Document Management Software

Cloud solutions are another common type of Document Management Software, or SaaS tool. The benefits of cloud-based platforms include:


    • Allow collaboration between multiple users
      • Real-time updates to documents
        • Lower IT costs as physical servers do not have to be maintained
          • Able to be accessed remotely
            • Scalable with growing organizations


Whilst cloud-based Document Management Software has been viewed as less secure, this view is unfounded, as there are multiple ways in which security and control can be obtained over cloud-stored data.

Templafy integrates with Document Management Software

Templafy plays a vital role in document workflows

Choosing whether Document Management Software is necessary, and which one works best for the needs of your organization is just one part of the document ecosystem. Templafy is also a part of this, and although it is not a Document Management Software, it integrates with the following platforms:


  • iManage
      • Maconomy
          • F2
              • WorkZone
                  • NetDocuments
                      • SharePoint
                          • On-premise solutions

Templafy integrates with Document Management Software

Templafy provides central access for all your document needs

Templafy is a SaaS solution which enables employees to access all their organization’s relevant templates and content from within the applications they work in, such as Microsoft Office. Templafy also dynamically personalizes the document to each employee, meaning that time is saved, and compliance is ensured.

Through providing integration to Document Management Software, Digital Asset Management Software, CRM systems, storage and more, Templafy makes document workflows easier, more compliant, and on-brand.

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