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SAAS & Document management software in the digital age

Updating your company’s document creation process is an important step in undergoing a digital transformation. An integral part of this is upgrading your company’s software for its document management system.

Track, manage and store:

The best document management software allows users to track, manage and store all electronic documents that go through your company. It makes it easy to monitor and control documents throughout their entire lifecycle, from creation to deletion or storage.

Go paperless:

With document management software, enterprises can digitize all paper documents and greatly reduce the need for physical filing storage and paper.

Search and deploy:

Enterprise document management software works as a document organizer by providing a sophisticated search engine to allow users to easily and quickly find any document they need.

Document management in the Cloud:

Cloud technology and SaaS solutions have provided new opportunities for document management and your company’s digital transformation. A big decision your enterprise will likely face is whether to undertake on-premise document management software engineering or buy a solution, such as one hosted on the cloud. SaaS and document management software cloud solutions provide the ability to streamline the document creation process with a simple user interface that removes the need for IT involvement. Additionally, cloud technology has been especially useful to assure that documents are securely stored and monitored no matter which device is used.

Templafy enhances the benefits of your DMS

Templafy’s template management solution integrates seamlessly with the best document management software, taking your company’s document creation process to a new level. We’ve also partnered with some of the best enterprise document management software providers, such as iManage, creating a secure and easy to use document creation and storage ecosystem. To best explain how Templafy and document management software work together, let’s first take a look at the document creation process. To begin with, a user creates a document, then they save it so they can later share it or simply access it again when needed.

The “creation” part of the document lifecycle is where Templafy’s template management software is important, while the “saving”, “sharing” and “accessing” components require software for a document management system. Enterprises produce vast amounts of documents every day and Templafy provides the tools employees need to create them more efficiently, while following the latest company standards. Essentially, Templafy’s easy to use cloud solution assists your staff with the creation of consistently on-brand, up-to-date and compliant documents, while your document management software of choice will make it easy to organize, manage, share and access such documents. Through a simple integration between both solutions, your company will have the most efficient document management workflow

Why Templafy is the best solution to complement your document management software

The benefits of integrating Templafy into your document management workflow

  • Templafy is not a DMS, but business documents start with a template.
  • Templafy brings up-to-date, compliant and on-brand document assets and templates right where employees work, such as in Word.
  • Templafy is a cloud-based solution but can also integrate with on-premise or hybrid document management solutions.
  • With Templafy’s solution, you can create more documents with fewer templates.
  • Templafy’s easy to manage cloud-based administration platform reduces the need for IT involvement.
  • Administrators can instantly roll out template and digital asset updates globally across your entire organization.

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DMS integration partners

Templafy integrates with the best document management software out there. Together with industry leaders like iManage, Maconomy, F2, Workzone and Microsoft Dynamics, Templafy can streamline your document ecosystem.

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