Document Management for Increased Productivity and Compliance

Templafy integrates with the office suites used by enterprises every day, to increase productivity and streamline the creation of documents.

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Integrates with the office applications that employees use every day

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Templafy enterprise content management tool integrated with Office word

The Smart Solution for Handling Document Anarchy

All Your Company Documents & Digital Aassets Made Accessible

Bullet pointDistribution or access of company documents, slides, images and other digital assets is easy.

Bullet pointTemplafy integrates with tools like Office 365, Dropbox, Box, Bynder, Salesforce, Brandworkz and more.

Bullet pointTemplafy runs on all devices.

Bullet pointAll company templates adapt to individual employee profiles combining up-to-date personal and company details.

Bullet pointSwitch between user profiles to work from different offices or write on behalf of colleagues.

Bullet pointLegal disclaimers and branding are dynamically applied to every document.

Templates Automatically Personalized With Employee Details

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Easily Validate Documents for Brand and Compliance

Bullet pointWhen a document is reused from employee desktops, all document content is automatically validated against the latest version published by admins.

Bullet pointBrand assets like font, company logos are automatically checked for compliance and updated accordingly.

Bullet pointTemplates, digital assets, email signatures and company data is easily updated by administrators and published company-wide.

Bullet pointFilters and tags can be added to restrict access and help users quickly find the right content.

Bullet pointManaging integrations and existing IT infrastructure and third-party vendors is simple.

Real-time Administration Online With No Need to Disturb IT

Templafy web-based administration platform

"For us at Pandora, Templafy has been the solution to a series of questions regarding how to simply ensure a uniform brand across organizational entities and countries. For both us who administrate the solution and the daily users, it is now easy to create documents and presentations. The fundamental advantage is that it is easy for the employees to use, and that they can trust that what they produce is always in line with our brand."

Director, Corporate Communications

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