Enterprise Document Management

Integrate your document management ecosystem with Templafy for easier workflows and increased compliance

What is Enterprise Document Management?

Most companies face significant challenges regarding how their employees use documents. Documents required for every-day work are often scattered across multiple locations, meaning employees struggle to access them when needed. Enterprise Document Management is the process of storing, locating, updating and sharing documents, with the intention of progressing workflows and business outcomes.

The features of Enterprise Document Management, which is also known as a Document Management System or a Document Management Solution (DMS), include:

  • The ability to host electronic documents in a structured and accessible manner.
  • Storage, control and organization of documents needed and used by enterprises.
  • Easy accessibility , which enhances productivity and compliance.
  • Integration with on premise or cloud-based IT solutions.
Enterprise Document Management

Productivity and compliance through management

Document Management Systems play a key role in helping employees quickly and easily produce compliant documents. Through using Enterprise Document Management, the document creation process is transformed. Click below for further information about each aspect of this.

Document management

Employees access many documents every day, from many different locations

Organizations have always had to control, store and organize a large volume of documents.

The difficulty of document management is magnified for enterprise companies. As a result of their size, an incredibly large number of documents are used by employees every single day. Finding the correct version of these documents often involves negotiating intranets or complex folder structures. This results in wasted time, and a risk of incompliance when outdated documents are used.

Due to ongoing digital transformation, enterprise document management is increasingly an online solution, where online systems control the storage and organization of documents. Enterprise document management systems offer more benefits than were possible manually:

  • Online systems control the storage and organization of documents.
  • Search functions which find the appropriate documents within seconds.
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices.
  • Available from a variety of locations, if cloud-based.
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Using enterprise document management helps employees be more productive

Employees are motivated by their ability to make progress in their work, and become frustrated when this is prevented. It is common for employees to waste hours trying to access the information relevant for their jobs, and this includes finding the documents which they need to use. This time not only frustrates and demotivates employees, but also significantly hinders the amount of work that could be done.

For this reason, there has been a huge increase in products that aid productivity, such as apps, technology, and document management systems. Document management systems enable employees to find the correct document quickly, and allow them to proceed with their work more effectively. Employees are better motivated to work due to this, as they are better able to access the documents they need. Work is also completed faster, saving the organization money.


Document management protects against incompliant documents

Document management systems protect against incompliance. When documents are difficult to find, employees are likely to take one of two actions:

  1. Create their own version of the document.
  2. Re-use an old version saved to their desktop.

Both these actions carry a risk of incompliance.

Incompliance is a serious issue for any organization. Legal incompliance can lead to huge problems with severe consequences for the organization. Typically, employees focus on ensuring that the document they are creating contains the correct information for its purpose, without considering compliance.

By using enterprise document management solutions, compliant documents are easily accessible for all employees. The storage and searching facilities of document management solutions allow the correct document to be found quickly, and the centralized control means documents will always be the latest compliant versions. This reduces the risk of incompliant documents used by employees, and prevents any consequences which this may have for the organization.


Templafy integrates with Document Management Systems

Templafy is not a Document Management System, however, it does integrate with them, as it recognizes the importance of document management systems for workflows, so helps accelerate investment in them.

The Templafy platform is another aspect of the document management ecosystem; Templafy is designed to increase productivity and ensure compliance through all the stages of the document workflow.

  • Integrates with on-premise and cloud-based Document Management Systems.
  • Provides content and assets directly within Microsoft Office.
  • Aids document production workflows.

Providing everything employees need directly where they work

Most documents from Document Management Systems open within Microsoft Office, and that’s also where Templafy opens. The correct documents are easily accessible, and dynamically personalized with individual employee details and relevant legal disclaimers. This saves time and ensures compliance. The Templafy Library also contains other useful content for the document creation process, such as templates, text elements, logos and images.

Through a centralized platform, Templafy allows control and distribution of company assets, and fits seamlessly with existing content management IT infrastructures.

As a result, Templafy aids productivity and compliance for enterprise organizations.

Aside from aligning with document management systems, Templafy also provides document automation, content validation, email signature management and PowerPoint productivity, all of which contribute to productive and compliant documents, and an enjoyable employee experience.

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