Knowledge management software

Enabling law firms to work more efficiently with knowledge management applications

The importance of knowledge management in law firms

In a sector where the most valuable asset is knowledge, effective knowledge management applications support a more efficient and effective workflow. Having knowledge management technologies and applications that reduce cost and maintain quality is now considered a requirement.

The best available knowledge management software solutions are:

  • improving workflows
  • boosting efficiency
  • increasing accuracy and quality of output

Knowledge automation transforms performanceaddresses client needs, increases cost-efficiency, and helps manage risk. Templafy’s technology provides efficiency hand-in-hand with accuracy in the daily workflows of lawyers and paralegals.

Advanced knowledge automation requires connectivity

Integrations that works seamlessly with DMS systems, iManageemailSharePoint, etc. is a must. Every touchpoint of a document should be fully connected directly to the lawyer or paralegal creating that document, whether it’s a complex contract or an email to a client. The connectivity goes beyond technology; connecting with the users means having a human-centric designed interface and intuitive functionality to ensure a positive user adoption rate.

Overview of benefits organization-wide

Value across the business

Knowledge management software, like Templafy, increases productivity, compliance, and streamlines user workflows. Demonstrating this value, Forrester’s 2019 TEI Report showed that the payback period for using Templafy in a large enterprise was less than 3 months.

Templafy provides centralized template and content management in a securely governed environment. It integrates with all company content touch points, and connects everything to the individual user. Knowledge management and compliance teams can control the solution from a user-friendly Admin Center, which saves IT teams time previously spent updating and distributing content.

Content management is simplified through placing content control for updates and distribution into the hands of content experts, rather than the IT department. Through real-time updates and distribution, legal teams can trust that they are using the latest version of all content. Forrester’s 2019 report shows that up to 95% of an IT team’s involvement in content tasks is eliminated with Templafy. See this report for more details.

Templafy aids workflow productivity for legal professionals who produce documents daily through smart automation. Documents are created faster and personalized to the user, with multiple user profiles available for different offices or jurisdictions. Through integrations to company systems like iManage, legal professionals can build 300 page contracts in minutes.

Metadata in company templates means company content in documents is tracked, ensuring documents will always be compliant with the latest company standards. Templafy’s Check feature keeps an eye on this tracked content to detect if an update is required when the document is reused later.

Secure and future-proof technology

Templafy is a security first organization with a strong commitment to privacy, security, and compliance. Templafy’s platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, chosen for its extensive security features and strict compliance standards that enable commitment to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the Templafy solution.

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