Templafy integration to Copilot for Office 365 & Teams

Generate on-brand and compliant documents in record time – without leaving your favorite apps

Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As we step into a new era, AI is revolutionizing productivity for every individual, organization, and industry worldwide, enabling us to address some of our most daunting challenges. That is why we are excited to be partnering with Templafy, whose leading document generation platform harnesses the power of Copilot to propel its users toward unprecedented achievements with AI

Erik Kerkhofs,
Microsoft Western Europe ISV Lead

Get started on the right track

Compliant document creation in Copilot for Office 365 and Teams 

Start with Copilot and Teams

Search for a specific template or use Copilot to identify the best on-brand document template to start document creation.

Build your document

Create fully or partially automated documents. Continue document creation with approved content and Templafy's productivity & AI tools .

Share and send

Save the document back to Microsoft Teams where the document creation started or send it to the next destination.

Simplify your document workflow in Copilot and Teams

Organizations create reports, contracts, proposals, and regulatory filings that must be accurate every time. But how can this be guaranteed in the age of AI?

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Security-first for a reason

When it comes to document automation, security is a non-negotiable. We never meet security standards when we can exceed them — because protecting your documents is what we do.

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