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Experts sharing insights on the unique challenges and opportunities of enterprise-scale innovation, design and technology.


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David Haigh

CEO of Brand Finance
As a pioneer for quantifying brand valuation, David explains what the world's top brands are doing right now to maximize brand investments, create business value and improve employee brand ambassadorship.

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Satjiv Chahil

Former SVP at Apple and HP, Philanthropist
Satjiv shares his incredible career journey that took him from leadership positions in IBM, HP, Xerox to Apple and beyond. Get insight into Satjiv's innovative marketing techniques to drive global adoption of technology and why he partnered with stars including Claudia Schiffer, Jerry Seinfeld and LeBron James to win people’s hearts and build big business.

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Head of Design at Charlie Tango
Get expert insight into the details of design systems in enterprises, the many benefits of doing it well, and how large organizations need to start thinking differently about brand overhauls.

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Marge Aru

Chief Digital Designer at Danske Bank
Marge shares her expertise in design thinking and digital transformation for big business. Learn about developments at Danske Bank, how to get companies to understand why UX is vital, and some inspirational thought leaders to follow.

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Mathias Jespersen

Head of Playtype
One of the core assets of a brand is its typeface. Most design and marketing people would agree. The challenge, however, is getting the everyday user to grasp the importance of this and empower them to use fonts consistently to improve brand integrity. But how do brands with thousands of employees roll out fonts to the entire organization?

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Meet the hosts

Lucy Mehrtens

Hello! I’m a former commercial lawyer with experience working with global banks, consumer brands and professional services firms. I now champion Templafy’s thought leadership and strategic communications.



Jasko Besic

Hello! I’m a former PwC consultant and entrepreneur now working with global enterprise organizations to improve brand consistency and employee productivity through smart SaaS technology.