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Increased productivity in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint solution for better and faster presentations

Check and ProductivityPlus are tools for faster and better PowerPoint presentations. Their benefits include:

– Faster edits than ever before.
– Presentations checked against over 40 rules.
– Time saved through productivity tools.
– Mistakes and inconsistencies automatically identified.

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Check for PowerPoint

40 ways to check format, layout and content compliance

Check for PowerPoint checks presentations against up-to 40 pre-defined rules and ensures that the content, format, and layout are on-brand with the latest company standards.

Click the Check button to scan the presentation for errors and inconsistencies, and see an overview of the issues in the Templafy task pane. Use the Fix button to amend the presentation and solve these incorrect elements.


Adjust and unify content in presentations, faster

ProductivityPlus provides the user with custom-designed features for PowerPoint to increase efficiency when creating presentations.

The ProductivityPlus task pane contains powerful tools designed specifically for the most commonly utilized adjustments.

Excel link

Link an Excel element into PowerPoint

Excel link allows users to link any Excel table or graph directly into PowerPoint without changing any formatting. The Excel design is applied to the PowerPoint element and a link is created between the two elements.

Changes to the Excel element are applied to PowerPoint with a single click.

Save and send

Share your content directly from PowerPoint

The Send function attaches the presentation or selected slides directly to an email as a PDF or a PPTX. Selected slides are saved in the desired folder through the Save function.

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