Flawless presentations,
faster than ever before

Increased productivity in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint solution for better and faster presentations

Document automation, Check and ProductivityPlus are the perfect combination for faster and better PowerPoint presentations.

  • Automation builds long, complex presentations in a few clicks
  • Faster editing with a range of productivity tools saves time
  • Check presentations against up to 40 rules
  • Automatically identify and correct any mistake and inconsistency

Use your time giving presentations, not making them

Whether preparing a 10-minute talk or a 100-slide deck, become a power user with improved editing tools and built-in content checks.

Get 50+ ways to save time

Create professional, on-brand presentations faster than ever with new PowerPoint editing tools. 

Easily import and sync data

Link tables, data cells, and graphs from Excel with a simple copy-paste.

Check & correct errors automatically

Scan for and automatically fix common formatting and grammar errors.

How it works

With Templafy’s easy editing tools, you can build flawless presentations faster than ever before. Here’s how it works:

    Start with a predefined template or reformat an existing document.

  • EDIT
    Use our editing tools to easily generate great-looking presentations and other documents.

    Scan for errors in your format, content, or layout and automatically correct them with one click.

Learn more about Simplified Editing Tools. Book a demo to get a full introduction to the most powerful presentation editing tool on the market.