Complete standardisation in every Government digital communication

From ministerial briefings to annual reports, Templafy ensures efficiency through standardisation for identical layouts and branding in communications.

  • Template management
  • PowerPoint and Word templates
  • Integrate DAM, DMS, CRM
  • Seamless Office 365 integration

  • Template legal compliance
  • Outlook email signature management

Three common issues in Government digital communications



Organisations risk non-compliance in documents without real-time updates and distribution of the latest standardised templates, data and content made readily accessible.



Employees risk selecting incorrect, outdated content or templates when dealing with multiple access points scattered across different platforms resulting in an inefficient workflow.



IT resources are heavily relied upon to push content updates organisation-wide and maintain a disconnected infrastructure of platforms that fail to deliver optimal value.


The Total Economic Impact report, commissioned in September 2019, demonstrates the cost savings and business benefits of Templafy.


How accuracy and productivity in document creation can work hand-in-hand

Templafy provides Government department employees with intuitive access to the standardised templates and digital assets inside MS Office or G Suite applications.

Ensure consistency in annual reports, documents and emails

Templafy eliminates non-compliance by granting every relevant individual in the organisation intuitive access to the approved templates and content they require to create correctly branded documents, reports and emails accurately. 

Automation generates compliant documents quickly using only approved content from connected data sources. Employees no longer have to manually search for the latest information, thereby increasing productivity while reducing the risk of human error.  

Multi-system connectivity in a secure, evergreen IT setup

Templafy’s centralised cloud repository for all official document templates and content provides an easy-to-manage Admin platform that doesn’t require IT expertise to operate. Real-time content updates and distribution are controlled by content experts, reducing the burden on the IT department by up to 95%.*

Templafy integrates with Microsoft Office and existing IT systems such as CRM, DAM and DMS, and helps increase their usage and ROI. The result is a future-proof and efficient IT setup with enterprise-grade security.

*Forrester TEI Report

Find Templafy on G-Cloud

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