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Streamline daily content creation processes and automate compliance in your company with sophisticated template management software.

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Template management

What is template management?

Automate workflows, control brand and legal compliance, and move your templates and documents online.

Businesses produce countless documents, presentations, emails, contracts, you name it – every day. A template management system improves the processes around these core business operations for the entire company, and allows users to create professional, on-brand documents faster.

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Dynamic Template Management

Automatically personalize business documents, put an end to manual updates, and store all your templates and best practice content in one place for easy access.

What makes a template dynamic? Office templates are born static, while dynamic templates insert data automatically when a user opens a new file or edits an old one. Elements like personal data, company branding, and department-specific or location-specific info appears in the correct part of the document automatically when a document is created. Automating these processes saves people a lot of time and hassle, and helps them be compliant by default.

What makes a template management system dynamic? Change is constant in business, so even organizations with a good data structure to support their templates will regularly find that data outdated. A dynamic template management system like Templafy makes it easy to address change and roll out updates to the whole company instantly. Everything is handled through the intuitive Templafy interface and available online. The need for IT involvement is removed, and all business document templates, images and digital assets are accessible locally or through the cloud.

Office Template Distribution

Cloud-based template management systems allow for easy access to all company templates and the ability to publish updates company-wide instantly, no matter which device is used.

Not everyone likes learning how to use new technology, even when it can make life much easier. So we built Templafy to work in the office applications you’re already using. Whether that’s Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, Apple iWork, Google Drive etc., Templafy integrates with these applications. You can also work directly from the Templafy app, ensuring you have the same level of access no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

On the management side, Templafy enables updates to be rolled-out to users instantly – to the whole company or specific users and teams only – for changes of any scale. Large projects like company rebrands can be launched internally in one go, as can small but important disclaimer changes on legal contracts.

Document Compliance Management

Secure visual and legal compliance in all company content with the help of Templafy

It usually takes longer to produce great work – an on-brand presentation or a compliant contract – if you need to check you’re following guidelines as you go. Templafy flips that reality. Our system helps you create professional and compliant documents faster by automating compliance.

Create a new file or open an old one to edit the same way as always – our document content management system makes compliance easy because the document is populated automatically with the latest company guidelines. Templafy only shows you current and on-brand content, with any updates instantly available to you. If old files you’ve opened from your desktop contain any outdated elements, you’ll get an alert from Templafy to change what’s incorrect, easily getting you back on track. You can also use Templafy task-pane to quickly assess and correct your work as you go, so you never need to second guess if the fonts, colors and other elements you’re using are on-brand.

Document Automation

Save time when creating or editing files and eliminate manual and repetitive work with task panes that provide relevant, best practice content.

Productivity tools are important for people to get the most out of their workday and keep up with the fast pace of business. Templafy give users quick and easy access to all the best practice content the company has already created, text snippets that have proven to be effective, and the images, videos, slides and templates to make their work more dynamic, all right within the office applications they’re already using.

Best practice templates and prefigured design solutions guide users to create professional work with impact, without the need for digital or design skills. Templafy’s integrated task panes make company templates and digital assets available from one place so employees can produce better work, faster.

Companies and teams that are ‘document heavy’, like HR and Legal, can especially reduce the time spent creating files, with ‘drag and drop’ text elements eliminating the need for slow and repetitive tasks.

Document automation

Integrate with Digital Asset Management systems for better document content management

Easily find and access brand assets such as logos, images and videos from within your office applications, and increase the use of any existing DAM systems.

Investing in brand and content assets is important for any company. Templafy makes it easy for employees to use these assets – daily and correctly – by making them accessible from Microsoft Office or any other preferred office platform.

Templafy shows up as a task pane within office applications, giving users access to the company assets right as they’re creating documents and presentations. This makes it simple and intuitive to regularly use up-to-date and on-brand assets. Templafy also integrates with other Digital Asset Management systems and content storage systems like Dropbox or Box, enabling your existing DAM software to be brought inside of your office applications as well.

Content Access Management

Control which content employees have access to by assigning permission levels to individual users, teams or entire departments.

Secure compliance even further by filtering access to templates and content according to user profiles. Employees will only see and have access to content that’s relevant for them, reducing the risk of incorrect templates and elements being used, and saving users time when searching through the system.

For companies with offices in several locations, multiple brands, or mobile and freelance users, access control becomes even more important.

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