Say goodbye to “Sent from iPhone”. Templafy’s Email Signature update enables personalized and automatic e-signatures in Outlook for mobile.

In a world where over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, one thing is for sure: a mobile-first approach is imperative for any modern enterprise. 

As the market leader in enterprise document automation, Templafy continues to evolve and adapt to the ways people are working today: anytime, anywhere, any way. 

Leveraging Microsoft’s latest API, Templafy’s e-signature update allows users to preview and send personalized, automated email signatures from any device or platform, including mobile (iOS and Android). 

Read on to discover how Templafy’s update is elevating enterprise communications by boosting consistency, compliance and conversions.

Capabilities and benefits: Templafy’s mobile email signature update decoded

See-before-you-send functionality 

Templafy’s update allows users to automatically preview their email signature while composing a message in Outlook, from any device, so end users have a chance to catch errors before sending.

A security-first approach to email signatures 

Avoid third-party rerouting. Templafy’s update automatically embeds email signatures into Outlook, so there is no need for third-party rerouting

This is important because third-party rerouting poses a heightened risk to data security by potentially exposing sensitive information to unauthorized access, interception, and manipulation, which could lead to privacy breaches and compliance concerns. Templafy’s update enables enterprises to protect data and adhere to the highest security standards. 

Easy access to content

Access your Library for all the relevant email assets in all Outlook versions, both online and on-premise. That means dynamically compiled email templates, images, icons and more are available at the click of a button.

Centrally managed email signatures

Email signatures are managed centrally, so end users get automated, personalized signatures with no need for end user interaction. This empowers enterprises to take control of brand consistency and compliance. 

Take control of legal compliance 

Ensure robust legal compliance by seamlessly embedding crucial, customized legal disclaimers in every email. This enables users to take control of the consistency and clarity of legal messaging across all communication channels.

Seamless branding across everything

Maximize the impact of your brand by ensuring a consistent and professional image across all communication channels. 

Templafy’s update enables seamless branding across all communication channels, by allowing users to embed links to core messaging in every single email. From client communications to internal correspondence, your brand identity will remain strong and unified. 

Maximize marketing campaigns and messaging

Embed campaign links into every email signature, ensuring that every communication becomes an opportunity to drive engagement.

Simple email signature management for enterprises

Ready to enhance your digital presence? Create, deploy, and manage personalized signatures in real-time with Templafy.

From the easy creation and global distribution of email signature campaigns to IT-free management, benefit from secure and scalable signatures across every employee and office.

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