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6 Must Have Microsoft Office PowerPoint Add-ins

We all know how easy it is to create poorly designed, long, and dull PowerPoint presentations, especially when pulling together a slide show at the very last minute. Sometimes we might even try to perk things up by adding a few animations or gimmicks, hoping that the audience won’t doze off halfway through the meeting. Making an engaging PowerPoint with limited time is a real challenge.

Upcoming trends in document productivity in 2021

Document productivity isn’t set to become any less important in 2021. On the contrary, in an era where remote working is set to continue, and technology is continuing to advance and provide new solutions, finding the most productive ways of working within documents remains paramount for organizations’ successes.

5 key tips for creating sales presentations

Is there a new client you really need to impress? Sometimes the hardest part isn’t getting your foot in the door, or even maintaining their attention after that. Often, when it comes to landing effective sales, the real challenge is the sales presentation. You may know you have the product that they need, but communicating this effectively can be challenging.

Webinar: Why the future of document automation matters for your organization

Did you know that one small human error in a presentation can cost a company millions of dollars, yet there is an easy way to prevent these errors? Or that a global organization can be using over 9000 unique document templates where just 25 could do the trick? Or that employees can create client deliverables and proposals in a faster and simpler way through smart automation of client and industry specific content?

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