Corporate Identity Management

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What is Corporate Identity Management?

Corporate identity is the visual means through which an organization is recognized. The visual assets and design elements that create the corporate identity must be used correctly, and kept up to date. Corporate identity management is the process of controlling and managing all the relevant visual aspects and design elements, and ensuring that they are used correctly by all employees.

Corporate identity management involves:

  • Ensuring employees have access to the correct logos, fonts, images, letterheads, business cards, etc.


  • Maintaining these corporate identity design elements so that the most recent version is always available.


  • Governing how elements of corporate identity are applied to documents.


  • Controlling how corporate identity elements are used in design by employees.


Corporate Identity Success

Corporate Identity Management contributes to the success of your organization

A large organization will have one corporate identity, but this can contain multiple brands. Global organizations often contain multiple sub-brands, with their own brand identity, but one overall corporate identity.
Ineffectively managed corporate identity can pose a huge problem to organizations. Corporate identity is powerful enough for an organization to be recognized from just a font or an image, so using these incorrectly can weakens the brand, and the perception that the public have of it.

Maintaining Your Corporate Identity with Templates

Templafy works by automatically and dynamically adapting corporate identity design templates for every employee, seamlessly creating thousands of personalized business documents and presentations with exactly the right look and feel. Stored in the cloud and available wherever users are, allowing brand managers to take back control.

With Templafy, corporate identity is protected, workflow processes are simplified, and all current and future employee-produced business documents and presentations are on-brand and compliant.

corporate identity management

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