Corporate Identity Management

Templafy is the smart way to manage your corporate identity investment and maintain visual compliance in company documents. Templafy automatically and dynamically adapts company templates to each individual employee, helping them remain on-brand and compliant. It empowers businesses globally to protect their visual identity system and allows those responsible for the brand to take back control of large-scale brand management.

Corporate Identity Management as it Should Be

Developing a corporate identity system for your company is an important investment and a critical tool to help you stand out from your competitors.
Brand managers can control the external expression of the visual identity in marketing and communications channels, but have less success when brand assets are in the hands of the average employee. Templafy can help you gain full control of your corporate brand identity.

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Most staff can’t keep regular track of updates and don’t use the latest corporate identity templates. Many will build a new document from an old file on their desktop instead, which will likely result in old and incorrect assets and legal information being used.
For the few that do seek out the correct corporate identity template, it’s a task that’s often time-consuming and frustrating.

Even if the latest template is tracked down, personalizing the document with the correct information for that specific user prolongs the process even further.
Not with Templafy – our our corporate identity management platform ensures on-brand, compliant and personalized document templates for each employee. Stored in one central location and integrated with all office applications for quick access and a painless search.

Maintaining Your Corporate Identity Templates

Templafy works by automatically and dynamically adapting corporate identity design templates for every employee, seamlessly creating thousands of personalized business documents and presentations with exactly the right look and feel. Stored in the cloud and available wherever users are, allowing brand managers to take back control.

With Templafy, corporate identity is protected, workflow processes are simplified, and all current and future employee-produced business documents and presentations are on-brand and compliant.

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