Templafy for educational institutions

Ensure brand consistency in documents, presentations and emails across all departments and campuses.


Why educational institutions choose Templafy

Strong educational brands attract the best students. Top educational institutions use Templafy to ensure brand compliance in external and internal communications material created across all departments and campuses. Templafy’s cloud-based solution provides centralized control of up-to-date document and presentation templates and digital assets so they can be distributed to your entire educational institution, in real time. Easy access to the latest templates and digital assets for staff, faculty and students is provided directly inside the applications being used when creating documents, presentations and emails. Templafy makes it easy for your educational institution’s brand to be accurately applied to all communication material, from admission letters to professors’ conference presentations.

Brand consistency

Brand compliance in documents and presentations is automatically validated, without leaving the applications used to create them.

Increased productivity

Easy access to up-to-date document and presentation templates and brand assets saves staff and faculty time.

Centralized governance

Instant global distribution of the latest templates and digital assets makes brand compliance easy and reduces burdens on IT.


Templafy’s evergreen solution integrates with your existing IT infrastructure and will be compatible with any IT changes in the future.

How educational institutions use Templafy

Templafy helps University of Southern Denmark with brand consistency across 6 campuses

“With Templafy installed on all university computers, both Macs and PCs, more people use on-brand templates and images. It’s easy for everyone to find the templates and digital assets they need. Now, there’s no excuse for going off-brand.”

Mikkel Larris, Graphic Designer, Communications, University of Southern Denmark

Simple access

All templates and assets available in document creation applications

Templafy provides access to up-to-date branded content such as document templates, presentation slides, logos and images within the applications being used. Ensure that all admission letters, class petition proposals and other standardized documents are aligned with current brand guidelines by making it easier to access on-brand communication material than searching elsewhere. This makes brand cohesion across all departments and campuses easy.

visual of business document template
Instant distribution

Distribute updated documents, templates and brand assets directly to employees

Maintaining your educational institution’s branding and legal compliance in documents, presentations and emails is difficult to control without a central governing tool. With Templafy’s cloud-based solution, distribute the latest templates and assets instantly to all faculty, staff and students right where they work.

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Brand validation

Keep internal and external communications up-to-date

Automatically check entire presentations for possible brand and formatting inconsistencies and fix them instantly. Documents are future-proofed through automated checks that can detect obsolete and outdated content and visual assets, allowing staff, faculty and students to re-use old documents safely. Update documents and presentations to the latest brand standards with one click.


Free up IT resources

Reduce the burden on IT. Easy integration into your IT infrastructure means very little tech support on your side. Templafy’s cloud based software allows non-IT staff to have centralized control to administer content updates to your entire educational institution through our simple administration platform.

Easy integration with your IT setup

Direct integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.

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Secure and future-proof technology

Templafy is a security first organization. Templafy’s platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure using Platform-as-a-Service technology. Microsoft was chosen due to its extensive security features and strict compliance standards that enable commitment to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Templafy solution.

Templafy has a strong commitment to privacy, security and compliance. To further earn customer’s trust, we have introduced and optimized tools and processes to ensure our continued compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you want to learn more, our expert support team is always available to assist and answer any questions.

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“Templafy is a valuable solution for any public or private sector organization looking to govern and streamline employee communications created in Microsoft Office 365 applications in the cloud or on premise.”

Mark Walton, Office Marketing Group Lead, Microsoft NZ