Migrating Microsoft Office templates to the cloud 

A modern approach to document generation

Microsoft 365 is a cloud version of Microsoft that enables organizations to create, collaborate, communicate, and share documents from one easily accessible online location.  

It can form part of an organization’s digital transformation, where it looks to move digital technologies and business processes from on-premise solutions to online environments. 


Digital transformation is when an organization reinvents its business processes by taking advantage of all the latest tech and tools it has at its disposal.  It’s a holistic approach that uses data and emerging software, such as artificial intelligence and automation (among other things) to create a roadmap that adds value to every touchpoint. 

Template management

Using document templates

Document templates can be pre-loaded with the base elements (logos, fonts, addresses, text elements etc.) of each document, simplifying the document creation process. 

By including approved visual elements and legal disclaimers, organizations know that the documents their employees create are on-brand and compliant. 

Template management

The key challenge

The base elements contained within templates are subject to change. They need to be regularly updated and the latest versions distributed across the entire organization. 

Because templates are normally stored on a file share, downloaded to a desktop or added to a workstation – deploying updates can be difficult, requiring employees to do the heavy lifting.  

Template management in the cloud

Moving to the cloud

Templates stored in the cloud do not need to be downloaded. Instead, there is one central place for finding templates, that can be accessed from any device and location

This also means that when a content element needs to be updated, such as a new company logo, it can be deployed centrally, reducing non-compliance and improving governance

Documents and templates migration

Migrating office templates

Templates that were formerly used in Microsoft Office can be migrated to Office 365 so that they are accessible from the cloud. In migrating Office templates, consider the following: 

  • Which templates to move 
  • The new ones to create 
  • Template access and rights  
  • Brand and legal compliance 
  • Maintenance and version control 
Templates for Microsoft 365

The perfect cloud enabler 

Templafy’s document generation platform includes a central storage solution for your organization’s templates. Accessed via a Web App or from within Microsoft Office – it’s available from any device or location.

Admins can make updates and deploy them to the entire organization within minutes. It’s simple, intuitive, and reduces the risk of non-compliant content across every document.

A better, more compliant content infrastructure is within your reach

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