Migrating Microsoft Office Templates to the Cloud Made Easy

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Effective use of cloud templates

The future of productivity and collaboration in the workplace lies in the cloud. Templafy is your intelligent, hassle-free solution for a smooth migration of your MS Office templates to Microsoft Office 365, keeping them safe, compliant and fully functional across desktops and mobile devices upon the move.

Template management in the cloud

The Future is in the Cloud

Pooling an impressive array of enterprise level functionality, Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy for organizations to create, communicate and share information in the cloud. Thousands of businesses worldwide have already made the switch and moved traditional desktop-based Office apps to the cloud, embracing a new era of improved productivity and simplified, mobile collaboration in the workplace. Templafy helps you to migrate all your Microsoft Office Templates online and enables them to work on all devices and screen sizes.

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Keeping Microsoft Office Templates Safe and Compliant

Favored for its high level of accessibility and efficiency gains, migrating on-premises workloads to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365 templates are an obvious investment. Yet, some companies remain doubtful about the transition to the new environment, fearing security and data loss along with compliance and compatibility issues.

Admittedly, the migration to the cloud is not one to be done on a whim. Without a solid plan for template handling, chances are your Microsoft Office templates

won’t be compliant upon the move and employees loose their access to the most used Microsoft Office templates. Getting them up and running across all platforms and devices will quite likely become a time-consuming, frustrating experience bristled with unpleasant drawbacks.

To steer clear of nasty surprises, you need a dynamic document management system suited to help you keep things moving effortlessly without any loss of functionality in your Office 365 templates.

Templafy is your smart one-stop solution for a trip-free, painless migration to the cloud, keeping your Office templates safe, current and fully functional across all devices and platforms upon migration.

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Templafy Makes Office 365 Migration Incomparably Easy

With Templafy, Office 365 migration becomes an easy, hassle-free task. Templafy automatically organizes your existing Office templates and dynamically updates visual assets, content, legal information and individualized profile information to protect corporate identity.

Templafy has done all the integration and accessibility legwork for you, leaving an intuitive, easy setup to get all the features you need with the click of a button. Templafy is the smart way to maximize productivity for employees while minimizing the hassle for IT.

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