Sales collateral management

What is sales collateral management?

Sales collateral refers to all the information and content needed in a sales cycle. For example, product information, customer cases, sales presentations, ebooks and demos. All of these are vital for the sales process. Sales collateral management is the way in which all of these content types are organized, stored and accessed. When sales collateral is difficult to access, the entire sales cycle can be disrupted.

Effective sales collateral management systems are:

  • Easily accessible.
  • Intuitive to use.
  • Fit with salespeople’s regular workflows.
  • Can be updated quickly with new content.
Empowering salespeople

Why is sales collateral management important?

Sales collateral management allows salespeople to quickly access the correct piece of content at the correct time. As a result, they save time when they are communicating with prospects, as they are able to easily find and send the correct piece of information. Flexibility is required for this process, as there may be different or new challenges to the sale, and salespeople must always be able to quickly locate the piece of content needed at a given time. Through sales collateral management, this is easy and intuitive to do.

Easily accessible sales collateral saves time for salespeople. Creating a presentation for a prospect is a much quicker process when all the slides, slide templates, product images and other content are within reach, directly where salespeople are working. When creating content is quicker and easier, salespeople have more time to dedicate to researching the client and targeting the pitch appropriately. Sales collateral management is a way of empowering salespeople and enabling them to perform better.

Sales enablement is about two things: the employee and the prospect. Best tools improve both experiences, eliminating manual processes to allow sales staff to focus on the customer and their value proposition while providing prospects with a more professional impression. Executives need to focus on eliminating these manual tasks, like building slide decks, so the team can spend their time on revenue-driving activities and the overall customer life-cycle.

Henry Wallrapp
Account Executive, Templafy

Technology adds momentum to the sales process

Technology helps promote productivity by giving momentum to the sales process. As most sales content is created online, it is important that technology is utilized to enhance this content creation. When used correctly, technology leads to integrated data and workflows, allowing salespeople to access and use sales collateral in an intuitive manner.

Sales collateral management solutions work best when they are fully integrated into the employee workflow and existing IT infrastructures, as this enables sales professionals to create effective sales content on each step of the sales process.

Templafy helps sales collateral management

Central distribution and access

Sales collateral management platforms

Through a cloud-based platform, sales collateral can be accessed from any device or workplace, so the location of content is never a cause for concern, and time is saved due to its easy availability. Different levels of access controls to all content mean that salespeople are only able to access content that is relevant for them. Updates to templates and assets are made centrally, and updated across the organization in minutes, resulting in the most up to date versions of content always being available, removing the risk of outdated or incompliant content to prospects.

Templafy’s platform provides more than just sales collateral management, as tools are provided for building and automating sales related documents like pitch decks, proposals and sales contracts. Through questionnaires, more detailed sales collateral – such as contracts or pricing quotes – are assembled with the latest company-approved content.

Sales workflows

Integrations with other systems

Through integrating with the other systems that salespeople rely on, such as Salesforce, relevant information is pulled into content that is being created by your salespeople. This saves time, and ensures all the created sales content is correct. As all CRM data is aligned with personal information and company brand assets in document templates, creating content for sales prospects is simple and intuitive.

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