Sales Enablement and Sales Collateral Management

Get the most out of your sales enablement

Sales Enablement Management

Sales enablement requires providing all the sales content, sales communication tools and technology necessary to ensure your company’s sales team can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Sales enablement tools make it easy to organize and access the various kinds of information sales teams must gather as part of their sales pipeline strategy, such as customer information and relevant sales collateral material.

Sales Collateral Management

Sales collateral is company content that is relevant to share when communicating with prospective customers based on the specific phase of the sales process they are in. Sales communication methods typically entail providing engaging content such as customer case stories, product benefit presentations, quotes and proposals.

Sales content management is particularly important for an effective sales cycle because salespeople need a centralized platform to quickly find sales content relevant to specific parts of the sales funnel.

Templafy streamlines the production of and access to your sales collateral

Easily access and create on-brand, compliant sales collateral

Templafy provides a great sales enablement tool example. Sales collateral templates, such as quote document templates, are necessary to save your sales reps time when putting together content for prospective customers.

Up-to-date sales content

With Templafy, the most up-to-date business document templates, PowerPoint slides, text snippets and digital assets are available right within your team’s MS Office applications. It becomes easy for everyone to create sales collateral that meets the latest company brand and compliance standards.

Personalized processes

Templates can be easily organized into different folders and tagged to describe the intended audience or which part of the sales process they are intended for. Templafy also dynamically applies employee and company information into the correct part of every document so sales content remains on-brand, yet personalized. Templafy’s cloud-based solution is accessible on any device, for sales reps that also need a mobile sales enablement tool.

Plays well with others

All of these features greatly contribute to your sales communication management system. To assure you have the best possible sales enablement system we also integrate with CRM and Document Management systems, such as Salesforce and iManage, to offer effective data exchange between platforms.

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Templafy is the best tool for sales enablement and collateral management

Always on brand and personalized

Sales collateral remains on-brand, yet personalized

Automate complex documents

Easily build proposals, contracts, quotes, etc. with simple questionnaires

Centralize distribution

Administrators can instantly roll out on-brand and compliant business document templates across your entire global organization, or specifically to the sales team

templafy together with document management software

Optimize work processes

Sales reps don’t have to leave the application they’re working on to access to up-to-date sales content

Easily manage user roles

Only content relevant to your user profile is displayed

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Templafy Modules

Dynamics - Personalize Sales Documents

– One business document template can be dynamically adapted to each user profile to include employee and country specific information, reducing the number of overall templates needed in your company.
– Core compliance elements such as legal disclaimers and corporate brand assets are applied to the correct part of every document.
– Users can switch between profiles to work from different offices and regions or to write on behalf of colleagues.


Library - Easily Access On-brand Digital Assets

– Access to business document and presentation templates, text elements and digital assets- right within employees’ Office applications.
– Administrators can instantly roll out on-brand business document templates, digital assets and text elements.
– Content can be distributed throughout your entire organization or filtered by business unit or location so staff only see content that is relevant and approved for them.


Builder - Build Sales Documents Quickly

– Employees are intuitively guided to create proposals, quotes and other important sales documents via simple automated forms
– Streamline the creation of both standardized and complex documents, removing unnecessarily repetitive steps.
– The latest company text elements, slides, charts, etc. are available as document building blocks.


Email Signature Manager - Consistent Email Signature Across Entire Company

– Compliant and on-brand email signatures are centrally managed.
– Fonts, formatting and legal disclaimers are automatically updated in emails so all emails are using the most update signature.
– Marketing campaigns in email signatures can be launched for certain groups, such as the sales team, or company-wide.