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Why is email signature management important?

The thought and care taken when composing professional emails can be completely betrayed by a sloppy email signature containing inaccurate information or old branding. Luckily you can rely on Templafy’s Email Signature Management Software to help keep your company’s email signatures on-brand, compliant and up-to-date.

Gain full control of all professional email signatures in your company

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Why Customers Use Templafy’s Email Signature Manager

• All emails stay on-brand and contain your relevant legal disclaimers

• Security focused and scalable for enterprise: signatures are added without emails being sent to third-party servers outside your control

• Employee contact information is kept up-to-date

• Easy to use, cloud-based administration and updates

• Works across brands, regions and languages

• Multiple user profiles per employee

• Marketing campaign control

Templafy is proud to be a certified Microsoft Gold Partner

"The rapidly growing number of emails sent from mobile devices and websites has increased the complexity of consistently and securely managing brand elements, marketing messages and legal disclaimers. We’re excited Templafy now offers a cloud-based solution to manage enterprise email signatures while improving brand governance."

Sajan Parihar
Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp

On-Brand and Compliant

• Templafy automatically creates email signatures with up-to-date company look and feel

• Automatically updates any off-brand corporate email signature content

• Include relevant marketing campaigns and legal disclaimers for specific users

Keep employees on-brand and say goodbye to DIY email signatures

Designed for Enterprise

• Simple centralized administration for better governance

• Roll out global brand and legal disclaimer updates easily across all employees

• Works across multiple regions, business units and brands

• The first enterprise email signature solution to securely attach email signatures to employee emails within an organization’s security firewall

Robust and scalable governance solution for global organizations

See Before You Send

• Users preview their email signature before sending, avoiding embarrassing double sign-offs

• Easy to use interface for both admins and users

• Prompts users to input their most current information

An intuitive product that users trust and admins love

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Gain full control of all email signatures in your company

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