Customer case

How a leading Nordic entrepreneur secures brand consistency worldwide 

  • Industry: Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Location: Multiple offices worldwide

  • Number of employees: 4,000+

About this leading Nordic entrepreneur 

This leading Nordic entrepreneur works on a variety of global projects at all times. As a result, it is essential they maintain a consistent brand identity. However, they were finding it increasingly difficult to monitor the documents and presentations the company produced. The leading Nordic entrepreneur is under a parent company and managing both brands throughout the company content was extremely difficult with their on-premise template management system. Although their previous on-premise system worked, it did not meet their needs for accessing templates online and managing two brands. A cloud-based solution was needed.  


This leading Nordic entrepreneur’s solution 

Templafy also integrated seamlessly with the company’s Digital Asset Management system. All on-brand images stored in their DAM are now available to employees from inside Office applications, such as Word and PowerPoint. The integration means that the company are now maximizing the use of their existing DAM system

This company found that cloud-based software would be the correct solution to help their employees create documents and presentations that were always on-brand. Through Templafy’s cloud-based platform, employees have easy and intuitive access to up-to-date and compliant templates and digital assets, no matter where they were working. 

For the Branding department, it is now much easier to manage templates that are consistent with both their brand and the parent brand. Moving to a cloud solution gave them the ability to provide an increased number of on-brand digital assets to employees and update them instantly in response to business needs. 

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