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Digital transformation of document templates and email signature management across 13 different architecture offices

Founded in 1951, White Arkitekter is Scandinavia’s leading architectural practice with projects across Europe, America, and Africa and over 900 employees. White Arkitekter is committed to improving society with inclusive and sustainable architecture, and its employees work closely with clients, communities, and consultants. White Arkitekter decided to digitize their workplace to better facilitate the creation of consistent communication material to all these stakeholders.

Prior to implementing Templafy, all White Arkitekter’s templates were stored in a legacy system which had many different databases. This meant staff wasted time looking for document templates or used locally stored files with no way to ensure they were all using the most up-to-date version. White Arkitekter’s Quality Expert, Lars-Erik Nilsson, recalls, “It was a cumbersome process for both our users and our template administration. Our users struggled to find and access the correct templates and it was also tedious to update our templates.”

Not being able to easily find the correct templates and digital assets led to some incompliance and inconsistent use of brand. Visual identity and professionalism are of course essential to a global architecture firm, so they needed to find a quality control solution that could be implemented throughout every office.

Why Templafy

White Arkitekter chose Templafy’s centralized, easy-to-use template management solution to assist the company’s digital transformation and support consistent visual identity use. Templafy has made it much easier for White Arkitekter’s staff to find up-to-date and brand compliant business templates and digital assets. Everything needed to create a document, presentation or email is now available to White Arkitekter’s staff through Templafy’s WebApp and inside Office-applications.

“Templafy plays an essential role in our updated quality management system since all templates (both internal and project related templates) are managed in Templafy. And the brand and content validation features make sure our users will stay up-to-date with the latest design and content.”

Mattias Eriksson,
Digital Design & BIM,
White Arkitekter

Additionally, White Arkitekter has found it extremely beneficial that Templafy seamlessly integrates with their Digital Asset Management (DAM) system: “The integration with our DAM system (image library) makes it a lot easier to find and import on-brand images into presentations and documents.” says Mattias.

Besides the streamlined document creation process that Templafy has facilitated, White Arkitekter has also enjoyed using Templafy’s Email Signature Manager feature. Lars-Erik added, “We finally have a shared, well-designed email signature since we started using Templafy’s email signature manager!”

No matter where their projects or staff are located, White Arkitekter can trust that all employees have easy access to up-to-date document and presentation templates, images and email signatures. With Templafy, White Artkitekter has empowered their employees with the ability to create consistent communication material.

Templafy integrates with White Arkitekter’s Digital Asset Management system, Cumulus, to bring all images right within Word.


White Arkitekter’s standard PowerPoint presentation template is easily customized with pre-made slides from the Templafy task pane. With Templafy, White Arkitekter’s employees have everything they need to access relevant content and build on-brand presentations quickly.


Templafy’s Email Signature Manager personalizes each White Arkitekter employee’s email signature with up-to-date contact information as well as the latest corporate email signature design, including on-brand logos and correct legal disclaimers.

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