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How IComm increased its win rate with proposal automation

IComm is a leading consultancy and provider of integrated unified communications, IT, and cloud services, facilitating any combination of sophisticated hardware, software, consultancy, engineering and technical execution.

Powered by a comprehensive product and services portfolio as well as a dedicated team of expert field technicians, professional consultants and analysts, the organization is committed to future proofing and providing ongoing consultancy to help their clients keep abreast of the rapidly changing IT environment.

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Location: Australia
  • Founded: 2001
The challenge

As a top-tier consultancy, IComm’s pipeline and growth depend on custom-tailored proposals that are fine-tuned to their customers’ technical needs. These proposals took hours of manual effort to produce and were often repurposed incorrectly for subsequent proposals. 

This process — which involved finding a pre-existing proposal, editing out old customer information, and adding in new material — was both labor intensive and often led to errors in content, formatting, or both.  

Additionally, this method could not accommodate new products and services that IComm wanted to pitch, leaving individual team members working harder to fit new information into old proposal templates.  

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We’re getting strong usage from the team because Templafy has helped us reduce our proposal creation from 4 hours down to 20 minutes!

Justin O’Meara
Unified Communications Consultant
The solution

92% faster proposal creation

Templafy has freed up our sales team to do more live presentations, which has a direct impact on our win rate.

James Bruce
Senior Pre-sales Architect

Q&A with the team

James Bruce, Senior Pre-sales Architect and Justin O’Meara, Unified Communications Consultant share their reflections on life before and after Templafy.    

Originally, we were working with a partner to build templates, which morphed into building a very basic pricing tool. And we looked at our internal process from first talking to a customer to getting a proposal in front of them, and we really wanted to shorten that time frame. One consideration was getting a proposal format that looked professional, and another was making sure it was flexible enough to accommodate our different types of sales and customers.

Our process was leading to unprofessional proposals — maybe the find and replace weren’t perfect, and no one was double-checking them. In some cases, we were using an old format, and moving that information to a new template was very time-consuming. It took us three to four weeks to get a proposal in front of a customer, where it needed to be one week or three weeks at most. 

Before, it would take a member of our sales team an average of four hours to create a Managed Services Agreement. Now, they can just fill out a quick form and Templafy produces a document automatically, letting them just fill in any final details. All in all, the new process takes about 20 minutes. 

Now we're doing document versioning, so our team members understand they're getting the latest and greatest version of whatever template they're pushing out to the customers, so our overall quality and quality control have improved significantly as well. 

Templafy has freed up our sales team to do more live presentations, which has a direct impact on our win rate. Previously our win rate was 66%, but with more in-person presentations and demonstrations, our rates are 75% or higher. 

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