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Enable your sales teams with access to the correct content during each step of the sales process on all devices

Workflows that flow

Much more than just another sales portal

Salespeople in different industries and branches around the world are creating proposals, pitch decks and presentations significantly faster with Templafy.

How? First, by gaining easy access to the correct and relevant content directly within the document creation applications and other systems used during the sales process. Secondly, by automating repetitive parts of document creation to assist salespeople as they build customized sales materials to fit their specific needs.

Document templates, images, disclaimers, branded content, product information and ready-made slides are all available exactly when needed in Microsoft Office Suite. Time saved daily is time freed up for selling.

Now Cofidis Retail employees have the ability to compile the best communication material for their purpose, quickly. The result is higher quality presentations that always follow the latest brand guidelines, and employees are able to create them faster than before.

Chloe Lehembre
Chloe Lehembre
Public Relations Manager, Cofidis Retail
Access 2.0

Get the relevant, up-to-date assets, disclaimers and user-specific information

Typically, sales enablement tools are not integrated into the workflow of creating documents. With Templafy, there’s no need to switch between the company intranet, CRM, sales portal and brand center. Templafy integrates into the existing document ecosystem providing access to all necessary content during the sales process within the applications employees are using.

Templafy has deep integrations with Microsoft Office applications, document management systems, Salesforce, and other CRM systems. Salespeople can build documents that fit their clients’ needs, and the custom-designed features for PowerPoint and Word increase efficiency while ensuring the content they use is up-to-date, on-brand, and compliant.

Build with automation

Support for employees at each step of document creation

Automate the assembly of more complex sales documents like pitch decks, proposals and contracts by dynamically putting them together with correct data, branded assets and employee-related information. For the parts that need to be adjusted and build by employees, Templafy provides access to ready-made best practice content and a suite of productivity tools. Salespeople are enabled to create fully automated documents and sales material that is customized to their prospects’ needs.

Salespeople can spend the majority of their time selling, as they no longer need to manually build and review every aspect of the presentations, proposals and contracts.

Centralized, easy administration

Content managers can distribute content with one click

Templafy allows the sales enablement content managers to distribute all sales-related templates, ready-made slides, text snippets and other document assets in real-time from the cloud without the need for IT resources. Role-based access control means each employee has assigned privileges and a personalized experience depending on their country, region, role and team.

Sales enablement is about two things: the employee and the prospect. Best tools improve both experiences, eliminating manual processes to allow sales staff to focus on the customer and their value proposition while providing prospects with a more professional impression. Executives need to focus on eliminating these manual tasks, like building slide decks, so the team can spend their time on revenue-driving activities and the overall customer life-cycle.

Henry Wallrapp
Account Executive

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