As we like to say, “Templafy plays well with others”. We do this to give Templafy customers the best experience possible, that’s why we partner with best-of-class businesses that provide complementary document creation and compliance governance solutions for documents, presentations and emails.

We currently have a partnership program with around 40 different partners all over the world and we’ve recently added a Berlin office and opened one in New York City to be even closer to our customers and partners.

Templafy's International Partner Manager Christan Meldgaard

We sat down with our International Partner Manager, Christian Meldgaard, to understand what our U.S. expansion means for our current and future partners.

Can you first give a little background on Templafy's partnership program?

To really get the most out of Templafy’s platform, you need to fill it with content and incorporate advanced dynamic capabilities. Templafy is designed to help users to easily access and create on brand and compliant documents, presentations and emails and best-practice content is of course required to facilitate this.

Implementation partners develop client-specific templates and bespoke add-in solutions in the Microsoft Office suite which are hosted on Templafy’s platform and function seamlessly with Templafy’s modular features. Templafy’s implementation partners are typically office productivity software experts with incredible domain knowledge around Microsoft Office and other document software.

Having these close and widespread partner networks with implementation agencies gives us the possibility to get closer to our customers all over the world. This entire network gives customers the possibility to have their templates built, implemented and managed. It also helps to grow our partners’ networks while growing our own.

What are the different kinds of partners we work with?

There are a lot of different categories but to narrow it down:

  • Implementation agencies as mentioned above
  • Referral partners such as design studios, advertising agencies and (IT) management consultants; and
  • Technology and integration partners with enterprise content management systems such as Digital Asset Management and Document Management Systems.

Most partner companies provide a service that’s part of the Enterprise Content Management sphere.

What are the qualifications for becoming a Templafy partner?

We want partnerships to be valuable to both sides so there are a few main things we look for with potential partnerships.

Above all, Templafy needs to be perceived as adding important value to the partner’s business and value chain. Secondly, it is important that they have knowledge within our domain of business. Thirdly, the volume of their network is also a decisive factor.

It is important that our partnerships provide knowledge and that we help each other grow a portfolio of customers that we can work with over time.

What does Templafy's new office in New York mean for partners in and out of the U.S.?

If existing well-performing partners have U.S. market ambitions, we may plan to help grow their business in that market together with us. Our new office in New York means that Templafy can be on the ground with our partners in the U.S. Taking part in meetings face-to-face and reacting to business situations can happen much faster now which is great!

The new New York office also means we can get accustomed to the business culture there and take part in more partner events in the U.S. Ultimately, this will help grow our network even bigger and make us even more active in the U.S. market.

Any other comments on our partnership program?

Although having our New York office will help facilitate our U.S. market ambitions and make it easier to coordinate with partners based in the U.S., becoming a Templafy partner is easy regardless of where the partner company is located.

Our platform is cloud-based so everything can be updated instantly and there is no need to go to clients’ offices to install our software. This means that by partnering with us, you really get access to a global partner ecosystem and blue-chip customers.

We are always exploring the world for interesting partners- both implementation and referral-wise. If you want to be part of our partner ecosystem, you are welcome to reach out to me and assess the possibilities together.

To learn more about Templafy's Partnership Program, contact Christian at