We’re thrilled to announce that Templafy and Frontify have joined forces to make brand consistency and compliance in business documents intuitive. We have joined in a strategic partnership with Frontify, the leading cloud-based brand management platform.

With our two strong platforms working together, this partnership will help connect company brand assets in Frontify directly to business documents, helping ensure companies stay on-brand more easily than ever.

What will this partnership bring to customers?

Both Templafy and Frontify share the common goal of helping companies to protect their brand value. We do this by helping employees to easily access and apply correct branding assets in their daily work.

Deciding to join in a partnership to enhance each other’s offerings was a no-brainer! Together, we can help companies get much more value from their brand and help millions of employees worldwide become brand ambassadors via a smooth, efficient and intuitive workflow.

Having already seen the impact our combined solutions have on some of the world’s largest enterprises and brands, an official partnership between Templafy and Frontify further opens the door as we look to offer enterprises the best solution for brand compliance. Frontify’s all-in-one brand toolbox complements Templafy’s platform perfectly, ensuring that each document built - no matter from where within a company - is one that is on-brand.

Emil Dyrvig
Global VP, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Templafy

How Templafy integrated with Frontify works

Frontify’s brand portal hosts a company’s entire brand asset collection, and Templafy has the power to connect that portal directly to documents. Templafy’s presence inside Office and G Suite provides direct access to company assets from inside documents.

So while Frontify is the perfect tool for taking care of the brand for marketing and communication professionals, Templafy is the tool for all employees to become brand ambassadors, no matter what department they work in.

Now with the Frontify integration, Templafy can bring a company’s brand asset collection in Frontify directly inside documents. Users can access every brand asset they need without having to leave the document environment. With easy, one-click access to Frontify inside documents, the route to compliance and staying on-brand has never been easier.

Emil Dyrvig adds, "With deeper integrations between our platforms already planned, we look forward to enhancing our joint value for global brand owners and marketing teams."

With Templafy connected with Frontify, this integration allows employees to:

  • Get easy access to the logos, icons, images, and other core digital brand assets used to create on-brand documents and emails.
  • Insert brand assets directly into documents without having to leave the document environment.
  • Increase the usage of company-approved digital assets by providing an easy path to compliance.

Brands are only as strong as their people, and we believe everyone should be a part of building them. With access to the latest brand resources and a seamless way to create on-brand office documents, we’re one step closer to realizing our mission. Partnering with Templafy takes our complete brand solution to the next level.

Roger Dudler
Founder and CEO, Frontify

For users of Frontify, introducing Templafy brings a new, smart way of accessing the necessary brand assets while creating documents, presentations or emails. It creates a smooth workflow that is more efficient, saving them time otherwise spend exiting a document program to find the assets they need to stay on-brand.

About Frontify

Frontify is a cloud-based SaaS brand management software provider designed to increase brand consistency and clarity for businesses of all sizes. Frontify’s intuitive and customizable brand portal is the single source of branding truth for some of the world’s biggest companies, including Facebook, Lufthansa and Allianz; it’s where powerful brand experiences are created and shared.

About Templafy

Templafy is the leading platform in SaaS template management and document automation software. Today, millions of employees in more than 400 enterprises worldwide, including KMPG, Pandora and Cepsa, use Templafy to create perfect documents faster.

If you’d like to learn more about the Frontify integration with Templafy, visit our dedicated page here.