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What to expect for 2021: Five key marketing trends

Just a few months into 2020 and our collective worlds, both personal and business, had been disrupted beyond imagination. 57% of companies in North America and Europe had to rework their business models, eCommerce saw a huge bump when online orders shot up by 108%, Facebook’s daily usage surged by 27%, 63% of users became more reliant on digital technologies, and 42% of consumers had irreversibly changed their bricks-and-mortar shopping habits.

Branding trends: what to expect in 2021

2021 is here – after a year that has shaken the world and bought the unexpected. Although 2020 has shown us that we never truly know what a new year will bring, we can still have some predictions about what this year will look like in certain areas of specialty. And one of these areas is branding.

How brand automation and artificial intelligence benefit the digital marketing world

Branding is agile. It develops with the times. Well-branded companies recognize that what served them once will no longer suit audiences living in a different time with different priorities. And as a concept that is so necessarily adaptable to the changing trends in the world around them, it makes sense that branding keeps up with technology developments. And that’s why automation and AI are so important to branding.

Fonts in documents: from their importance to the common implementation pitfalls

An organization’s chosen font, or typeface, shapes how a consumer interacts with a brand across every written touchpoint. But often, when discussing fonts and communication, the focus is on the showy elements – the fonts displayed in logos, signs, and promotional brand materials. It’s often forgotten that a large part of brand communication happens through documents – and font plays just as important a role here. That’s why we’re going to explain exactly why the use of fonts in emails, contracts, letters, bills, reports, and other professional documents is so important, and explain the pitfalls to watch out for when implementing fonts in Microsoft Office for use in these areas. 

The new DAM: Brand automation

It’s not news that, here at Templafy, we think branding is incredibly important. Brands have a large amount of marketing power and are a vital way in which products or services are sold, directly leading to a rise in revenue and a successful organization. 

Brand associations: How to make your brand assets excel

What comes to mind when you think of Apple? What comes to mind when you think of Starbucks? And what comes to mind when you think of BMW? Everything which you have just considered is a brand association. But how are these forged, and how can you ensure your brand associations work to the benefit of your organization?

Corporate typeface: how bespoke type empowers your brand

As communication becomes increasingly more digital in nature, there’s a vital brand touchpoint which requires more consideration: typeface. As a brand asset, type possesses the ability to subtly convey brand values through the choice of letter shape. When Coca Cola followed in the footsteps of AirBnB, Nokia, General Electric, Intel and BMW to launch its own custom corporate typeface, the new typeface was designed to “encapsulate from Coca-Cola’s past and its American modernist heritage.”

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