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How a global shipping group made their brand refresh have maximum impact

  • Industry: Logistics
  • Location: 130 countries
  • Number of employees: 85,000+
About Global Shipping Group

Global Shipping Group’s brand priorities

This Global Shipping Group is an integrated transport and logistics company, with multiple brands in over 130 countries. They work to provide the best service possible to customers all over the globe, and make trade easier and more effective for everyone.

Due to the size and the international nature of the workforce, employees of this Global Shipping Group were facing difficulties accessing the documents and presentations that they needed. Employees were not aware of, or had trouble finding, corporate templates in their file system, and they ended up using their own local, often outdated, versions of documents, presentations, and images.

A further difficulty was the challenge of introducing major visual identity updates to document templates and digital assets used everyday. A planned major visual identity update involved a change to logos, typeface, color themes and document templates, and would need to be accessible to employees all over the globe.

How a global shipping group optimized their brand

The Global Shipping Group already leveraged a synchronized enterprise resource planning framework for business process management, but no such group-wide solution existed for on-brand template and content management. They chose to implement a template management solution based on the proven performance of the solution, and the benefits of all using the same tool.

Updates to templates and assets could be rolled-out centrally to all employees in all locations, following a visual identity update. Branding units in different business entities are now empowered to update corporate content for their respective locations, while still using global brand standards. Employees now use up-to-date, on-brand content that complies with the visual identity.

On-brand custom presentation and document templates are now easily accessed by the Global Shipping Group’s employees through using Templafy in Microsoft Office. The Templafy slide library also allows employees to add additional compliant slides, images and text elements. As a result, there is improved brand consistency, efficiency, legal compliance and a smooth system for onboarding.

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