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Large shipping company ships with multiple containers on board

Centralized Governance and Streamlined Visual Identity Updates Across 130 Countries and Several Business Units

This Global Shipping Group is an integrated transport and logistics company with multiple brands in over 130 countries and a workforce of over 85,000 people.

The group was facing the challenge of introducing major visual identity updates to all the document templates and digital assets used everyday by its employees all over the world. The major visual identity update involved a change to logos, typeface, colour themes and document templates.

Templafy library open through Powerpoint integration
Large Container Ships docked in Harbour of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

“We needed to empower branding units in different business entities to update corporate content for their respective locations while still using global brand standards. Templafy provided us with a dedicated onboarding process during the visual identity transition. I’m really glad to now see everyone using up-to-date content and on-brand templates that comply with our visual identity.”

Group Communication and Branding,
Global Shipping Group

Why Templafy?

With several different locations and business sectors, the Global Shipping Group’s Senior Corporate Brand Manager needed a centralized way to roll-out updates and maintain a consistent look and feel across all company documents and presentations in each different location and business unit globally.

The group already leverages a synchronized enterprise resource planning framework for business process management but no such group-wide solution existed for on-brand template and content management. The group’s employees were simply not aware of or had trouble finding corporate templates in their file system and they ended up using their own local versions of outdated documents, presentations, logos and images.

On-brand custom presentation and document templates are now easily accessed by the Global Shipping Group’s employees using Templafy in Microsoft Office. The Templafy slide library allows employees to add additional on-brand slides and compliant images and text elements.

“At Group level, we made the decision to purchase Templafy licenses for all business units. The decision is based on the proven performance of the solution and the benefits from all using the same tool. The list of benefits is long, but the most important ones to mention are brand consistency, efficiency, legal compliance and a smooth process for onboarding and maintaining the system. I urge all of you to get in contact with Templafy and start the on-boarding process."

Group Communication and Branding,
Global Shipping Group

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