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"Being able to easily and quickly create documents and presentations means employees can concentrate on other, maybe more important, tasks."

If P&C Insurance Ltd is a leading property and casualty insurer in the Nordic and Baltic regions with approximately 6,500 employees in 11 countries. If has around 3.7 million customers ranging from individuals to large corporations. Industrial is one of the three Business Areas of If and has offices in 8 countries.

The insurance industry is highly regulated, meaning it’s crucial that Industrial’s employees have access to compliant best-practice information when creating documents and presentations. With several different office locations and a broad range of customer needs, a centralized solution was needed for deploying and updating compliant templates and digital assets to employees.

Prior to implementing Templafy, business area Industrial’s employees would make their own document templates with images they found on the internet and save them on their individual computers. This decentralization made it difficult to know which templates were up-to-date with compliance and branding standards.

Marketing Project Manager, Anna Andersson-Solja remembers that, “Every country, and even units within the same country, had their own preference for how documents should look, which didn’t necessarily follow the company’s visual identity and guidelines.”

Document branding was a tedious process. Some documents, such as insurance terms and conditions, had to be sent to external production agencies which would “brand” the documents. Afterwards, documents were sent back to the employees in PDF format, meaning any update to the document would trigger the entire process again.

Why Templafy?

“Employees in the business area Industrial can now create the documents they need much faster, and the documents follow the company’s visual guidelines regardless of country or unit”, explains Anna.

Templafy’s cloud-based template and digital asset management system provides a central place for the employees to find up-to-date document and presentation templates. The Marketing department is able to provide the employees with access to common templates for several types of documents, which can then easily be adapted to country or employee-specific needs. Even the insurance terms and conditions documents which previously had to be sent to external agencies to be accurately branded, can now be created internally.

Anna elaborates, “With Templafy, we now have one common storage place for all templates and content, which everyone can access. All employees know where to look now when creating documents.”

Templafy also provides the employees with easy access to company approved digital assets, such as images. It’s easy to attach images to the ready-made placeholders in different Word and PowerPoint templates. Anna adds, “Templafy provides an easy place to find updated digital assets that are useful for many different documents and presentation slides. The employees have realized the benefits and request for new content to be uploaded all the time.”

The employees in business area Industrial can easily access company approved slides from within Microsoft PowerPoint.



In Anna’s role as a Marketing Project Manager, Templafy has made it easy to roll out new content or update existing content for everyone in the company, no matter which office they are in. New document templates and updates are instantly available once Anna has made the changes in a single place. She says, “I only need to update the document text in one place. Now I no longer need to copy and paste text to several different document templates and try to keep track of which have been updated.”



Anna Andersson-Solja
Marketing Project Manager, Business Area Industrial, If P&C Insurance



“The greatest overall benefit of using Templafy has definitely been the improved quality of our documents, both visually and content-wise. The other major benefit has been how much time we have saved, not only me, but every employee. Being able to easily and quickly create documents and presentations means employees can concentrate on other, maybe more important, tasks. And time is money, right?”

Templafy provides one common storage place for company templates and content, which all employees can access from within Microsoft Word.


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