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How SDC strengthens their brand

  • Industry: Finance Technology
  • Location: 4 countries
  • Number of employees: 9,500
About SDC

SDC’s brand priorities 

SDC is a finance technology platform that offers a positive banking experience to its customers. Founded in 1963, SDC handles system operation and data processing for SDC financial institutions and their self-service customers. The operations are performed over a wide range of platforms, from mainframes to consolidated server solutions. SDC runs front office systems for the financial institutions, as well as all self-service systems on a 24/7 basis.

In 2015, SDC made the decision to secure their brand’s position across the relevant geographies. Their objective was to ensure that all communications were on-brand and up-to-date.


How SDC optimized their brand

Sille Stener, CMO joined SDC in 2015, with the remit of cementing the brand’s position across the relevant geographies.

“In the FinTech market, professionalism and brand perception are vital building blocks. If our clients are going to trust us as a company, and choose our banking solutions ahead of those supplied by our competitors, image really is important,” says Sille. SDC has approximately 600 employees in the Nordics, and almost 50% of them use Microsoft PowerPoint on a regular basis: for new bizzing, client presentations, and for internal communications.

On joining the company, Sille, became aware of the number of different PowerPoint presentations in circulation. This is a common occurrence in companies where there is a lot of outbound communication. Employees take pride in their work and are constantly developing and redeveloping better presentations. And borrowing ‘winning’ slides from one another, editing them to suit their own needs, and passing them on to colleagues who edit them again.

The result was, according to Sille, somewhat chaotic. “There were multiple versions of presentations, they were often out of date, and the look of them was not always of the utmost professionalism. In many cases they were off-brand, and some of the graphics were simply not up to scratch."

The overall goal for SDC when seeking a solution was to ensure that all communications were on-brand and up to date. They chose Templafy’s and the implementation was successful in meeting their targets. With this solution, SDC built a more rational internal repository, giving the CMO an extended reach within the organization.

Sille Stener, CMO states: “It was mission critical to make sure we were making a uniform footprint in all our presentations. I considered a SharePoint solution, but having worked with Templafy in a previous job I decided to bring their solution in, with licenses for all employees,” continues Sille. “Implementation was easy. The whole transformation was given a positive spin – of course, everybody in the organization wants to appear to be more professional – and to save time in the process.”

On a brand level, we definitely come across as being more professional – there is less maverick content in our presentations. Also, because it is so easy to use, we have experienced a real win-win situation. With Templafy, it is easier to produce on-brand content than to go off-brand. From the CEO and throughout the entire team.

Sille Stener

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