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7 tips to make your presentation slides pop

Presentations are an ubiquitous part of corporate life, and too often a common source of corporate misery as well – we’ve definitely all sat through a boring presentation, which we’ve forgotten the content of almost immediately, and a lot of us would be guilty of giving some pretty average presentations as well. It needn’t be this way though. With just a little bit of extra time and effort – and our seven tips below – you could be giving presentations that delight, not dull.

Software versions are out: welcome to the world of continuous updates

So long Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has shifted course in Windows 10, introducing a whole new update model. Unlike in previous versions of Windows, all security fixes and optional upgrades will be installed automatically. In Windows 10, you will find patches foisted on all of your devices – PC, mobile phone, tablet – once Microsoft releases them.

Template management: Overkill or a real time saver?

Does template management sound like overkill to you? Why bother defining a process for something that basically is merely a matter of uploading new versions of an existing Word or PowerPoint template? The answer is simple: Your employees won’t use the new version just because you copy it to a file share. You have to reach a bit deeper into your box of tricks.

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