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Branding Inside Out: 3 Brand Culture Hacks From The World’s Best Brands

Poor brand culture at it’s worst not only affects morale, staff turnover and profits – it can lead to a full-blown PR nightmare. As brands such as Thinx, Nasty Gal, Uber and Amazon have recently found out, a disgruntled employee tweet or blog post has the potential to undermine your external brand identity and tarnish expensive marketing campaigns.

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How many of these outbound sales email fundamentals do you use?

Outbound sales emails can be one of the best and most effective ways of getting into contact with potential clients and increasing your sales pipeline. But it can also be one of the quickest ways to come across as pushy and unprofessional. There’s certainly a fine line to navigate when sending cold emails. We’ve compiled some sales email fundamentals to make your job easier.

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How to write compelling business emails that people love reading

The art of business writing is a timeless skill. For as long as traders and merchants have been communicating with one another about their wares, crafting a compelling business letter has been critical to successful enterprise. Holding an audience’s attention has always been tough. But one thing never changes – people will love you for writing simply and effectively.

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7 reasons why your law firm should move to the cloud

If you’re like most lawyers, referring to your work week as “busy” might be a gross understatement. With your workday scheduled and recorded by the minute, the last thing you need while juggling clients and supervising teams is computer problems. And even when your IT is running well, managing systems and supervising IT staff is a chore that can easily put a strain on your budget and time.

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