Document automation software

Streamlined production of company compliant contracts, proposals and sales collateral through document automation in Word, other Office applications and G Suite.

Automate all creation of complex documents

Enterprise document automation and assembly software

Employees in large organizations produce thousands of business documents, presentations and emails daily. Without a document automation system, the production of repetitive documents can lead to hours of unnecessary work.

Automated document workflows optimize the document creation process, which increases workplace efficiency and compliance. With Templafy, your company can streamline the production of compliant contracts, proposals and sales collateral, taking your enterprise productivity to the next level.

“Employees can now create the documents they need much faster, and the documents follow the company’s visual guidelines regardless of country or unit.”

Anna Andersson-Solja
Marketing Project Manager, IF Insurance

“With Templafy, it has become easy for Ramboll employees to directly import relevant company content into Word documents, such as reports and tenders.”

Roos Nederveen
Senior Consultant, Ramboll

“After implementing Templafy, all our employees have the same set of templates at hand when creating documents and presentations. This leads to a more consistent and professional profile, and ensures that our brand is easily recognized.”

Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager, BDO Norway
Automate and streamline

Document automation connects compliance and productivity

• When building complex documents, Templafy’s document assembly software saves time by automating and streamlining document creation workflows based on certain choices employees make.

• Administrators can set up advanced document templates, such as contracts and proposals, so employees are guided through simple options to automatically build documents tailored for a specific purpose.

• Enterprises are able to ensure a very strict level of governance and quality assurance on complex documents created by sales and legal departments.

• Employees are able to fast create highly complex documents with dynamic templates and trust they are using the most up-to-date document content.

Integrate the ecosystem

Bring the right assets and data close to the employee

• Templafy helps employees assemble business documents by displaying approved, relevant and up-to-date content related to the document they are building.

• Templafy helps employees avoid wasting unnecessary time finding document assets and required data from other systems, by integrating with most used content services.

• Templafy guides employees to create documents via simple automated forms right within their Office applications.

Centralized administration

Simple administration cuts the need for IT resources

Easy to use – Centralized administration is maintained and managed in one simple web interface and accessible from any device or location.

Document automation – Document workflows are easily configured by administrators, empowering those responsible for streamlining document creation.

Content management – Template content can be automatically updated across an entire organization, making template management and document assembly much easier.

Easy integration with your IT setup

Direct integrations with Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint and more.

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