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We're already working with each of the Big Four professional services firms to improve how their global workforces access document templates, presentations and visual assets, both in the office and on the go.

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On-brand presentation templates are easily accessed by employees using Templafy. Templafy fully integrates with BDO’s digital asset management system, giving employees direct access to images without ever having to leave PowerPoint.

BDO Norway

Learn how Templafy assists BDO Norway with brand consistency and document productivity

“We know that all employees have access to updated and correct templates, and we save time by having our templates available when needed. Additionally, we know that all approved pictures are easily available, and that we are able to ensure that all disclaimers and general terms and information are updated on a regular basis.”

Marketing Manager, BDO Norway

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Benefits of using Templafy at your firm:

Consistently on-brand

Templafy brings your professional services firm’s custom brand assets directly inside presentations, documents and emails. To assist your firm in maintaining a strong global brand identity, employees across all departments and offices will be notified if any old documents they wish to re-use contain inconsistent fonts, color themes or logos.

Compliance made easy

Trust that your organization’s employees have access to up-to-date content such as best-practice slides and figures. Accurate legal disclaimers and formatting styles are also controlled and governed with a centralized administration system and automatically available to every employee while creating presentations and reports. This supports both brand and legal compliance across your firm.

Leagal document management increase productivity

Better productivity

No need to waste time on formatting issues, searching for document templates or pictures for presentations because Templafy will provide easy access to all your firm’s customized templates, images and documents in one place. Your employees can also select different user profiles to write on behalf of colleagues or different offices and trust that all location specific information will be automatically inserted into the correct place.

Supports your existing functionalities

We understand that you will have existing systems in place and can include that functionality within your new Templafy solution. Templafy is cloud-based but can work with on-premise systems. In fact, we already work with several global professional services firms to improve their document template management and content access by integrating with bespoke systems, complementing their existing functionalities and benefits.

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Templafy has several powerful features to empower your firm to produce best-practice content and maintain strong brand integrity

Template & Content Access with Library


  • All templates, images and documents are available to your firm’s employees within Office applications.
  • Personalized document templates and digital assets, such as images, are accessible on any device, both online and offline.
  • Templafy integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructures and bespoke functionalities.
  • Our simple, centralized administration platform allows non-IT staff to easily update and deploy best-practice content and manage access rights online.

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Personalization with Dynamics

  • All your document templates, such as proposals and bids, are automatically adapted to each individual employee, combining up-to-date firm details with employee information.
  • Single users can switch been multiple user profiles to work from different offices and regions or write on behalf of colleagues (with permission of course).
  • Legal disclaimers based on your employee profile and corporate brand elements are dynamically applied to every single document.

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Email Signature Manager

  • Centrally manage compliant, personalized and on-brand email signatures firm-wide.
  • Signatures are added without emails being sent to third-party servers meaning emails don’t leave your security walls unnecessarily.
  • Automatically updates fonts, formatting and legal disclaimers in emails.

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Future-proof technology

Templafy integrates with your existing infrastructure

Templafy is seamlessly integrated directly into Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. It also integrates with the document management systems and digital asset management systems your firm is already using.

Integrations include iManage, Box, Cumulus, Getty Images, DropBox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Bynder and more. Custom integrations are also possible on request.

With Templafy, users will never have to leave the Office platform to search for content or templates, maximizing productivity and ensuring full compliance.

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