Every digital marketeer understands the fundamentals of traditional email marketing. But many are yet to tap into the valuable and plentiful marketing real estate found within the humble corporate email signature and email signature marketing.

An average office worker receives 121 emails a day and sends around 40 business emails daily. To take these numbers into context, if your company has 1000 employees, the team will send out 40,000 business emails in just one day. Based on a calculation of 250 business days per year, that culminates in an astonishing 10,000,000 emails annually.

Consider the exponential exposure of your marketing campaigns if you simply included simple campaign links in each email signature on 10,000,000 emails.

Templafy’s Email Signature Manager allows you to include a marketing campaign image and text in the email signature of each employee.

Putting email signature marketing to the test

To see the impact of our Email Signature Manager in practice, we conducted a case study using a small sample of 50 employees. We used UTM codes and Google Analytics to track how many people were coming to the company website via the email signature marketing campaign.

During the test period, at least every other day there was a new company website visitor due to the email marketing campaign.

Not only did new people go to their company website through the email campaign, but they also visited more pages and stayed on those pages longer than they usually would.

  • The "bounce rate" of people entering the site via the email signature link dropped to 41%, compared to the average of 77.64%. In other words, around twice as many people clicked on more than one website page when they got to the website through the email campaign, than from all other website traffic.
  • Visitors stayed on the website pages 3x longer than pages accessed through all other forms of website traffic.
templafy email signature performance

The best part of all of this? It only took one administrator a couple of minutes to roll out this email marketing campaign to the entire organization. Yes, that’s right. Minutes.

Employees simply sent out emails as they normally would, and in the process drove more traffic to their website.

This case study only analyzed the impact of a single email marketing campaign using Templafy’s Email Signature Manager. However, Templafy also allows administrators to filter specific marketing campaigns by region, office, department etc.

So, for example, you could send out a recruitment campaign for your graduate program via your HR department’s email signatures – while also running a separate marketing campaign for a new promotion via your sales department email signatures.

Watch this short video to see how Templafy's Email Signature Manager feature works:

To learn more about how Templafy’s Email Signature Manger feature can help your organization centrally manage email marketing campaigns and maintain a consistent brand throughout all company emails, get in touch.