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Behind the orange icon: the history of PowerPoint

Last year PowerPoint celebrated its big 3 0. At thirty years old, the software superpower had a lot to celebrate. PowerPoint still stands as the most valuable Microsoft acquisition to date, is currently installed on over a billion computers worldwide and is responsible for the creation of up to 30 million presentations each day.

What is Office 2019? Everything you need to know for now

Most CTOs and heads of enterprise technology groan when colleagues ask if Office can be upgraded. Why make the costly effort of overhauling an existing application suite? Even if it seems less stressful to pass over the opportunity to upgrade Office, you should still take a look at what Microsoft Office 2019 is going to offer.

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Google Drive vs Dropbox: for Enterprises that give a DAM

Even just 5 years ago we didn’t have such high expectations for accessing and transferring business documents, emails and files as we do now. These days we consider anything less than immediate or just three clicks away to be inefficient. And all of this is possible due to cloud technology and some tech giants who have forged the way for Cloud File Sharing (CFS).

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Danske Templafy rejser millioninvestering fra amerikansk megafond

København – 13 februar 2018 – i dag annoncerer danske Templafy, at de har gennemført en serie B-investeringsrunde på 100 millioner kroner. De nye investorer er amerikanske Insight Venture Partners og engelske Dawn Capital. Templafys første investor, SEED Capital samt andre eksisterende private investorer deltager også i runden. Selskabets første investor kalder investeringen en ”kæmpe blåstempling”.

Press Release: Danish software firm receives US$17.2 million funding

PRESS RELEASE: COPENHAGEN / NEW YORK / LONDON – (13 February, 2018)—Today, Templafy, a Danish based company providing a SaaS platform delivering brand governance and productivity across enterprise business communications, announced it raised $17.2 million in its Series B round. New York-based venture capital and private equity firm Insight Venture Partners led the round with participation from new investor, London-based Dawn Capital and existing Series A investors SEED Capital, Preben Damgaard and other private investors.

Motivation Gains: How to Maximize Employee Productivity

From Nike’s restorative nap rooms to Google’s nourishing, in-house juice bars, 21st century businesses are taking progressive steps to encourage wellbeing and improve performance among employees. Novelties aside, there are, however, simple and effective ways to enhance employee productivity without a kale smoothie in sight. Here, we outline eleven inspirational ways to turn your team into a performance powerhouse.

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