Proposal automation solution

Build slide decks, proposals, contracts, and reports with the correct formatting, consistent branding, and legal disclaimers automatically applied.

Build better presentations in half the time by automating the busywork

Start from anywhere, build with anything, deliver anywhere.

Easy integrations with the tools you use

Begin in PowerPoint, Word, or within your DMS or CRM. Pull data from anywhere.

Compile complex documents fast

Create complex documents like contracts and proposals quickly by setting parameters and pulling the right content elements.

Friendly technology for all

Once setup is complete, all maintenance to dynamic content like; slides, text snippets, visuals, document properties, and metadata is managed by content owners.

Prior to implementing Templafy, we had a variety of templates for Word and PowerPoint. Some templates were shared on our intranet, but many employees reused old presentations, reports and documents. This led to a high risk of inconsistency in how our company was presented externally, in terms of bids, proposals, reports, letters and presentations.

Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager, BDO
Solve disconnected content

Start proposals where you prefer. Save it back to where it belongs.

Templafy’s infrastructure connects all company content across any enterprise tech stack to serve teams the right content exactly when they need it – wherever they are in their workflow.  

Using Templafy, employees can automatically build proposals with easy access to the correct company content and supporting tools.

Automatic-insert of essential company and client information

Whether a proposal is for a client in the financial industry or a global law firm, standardized document information, such as company information, legal disclaimers, and context-related information needs to be inserted into the proposal.

With document automation, building proposals in Word or PowerPoint takes just a few clicks. Gating questions determine the document’s content, from the pricing plan to client-specific information. Smart automation then pulls in the latest, up-to-date information to compile an on-brand, accurate proposal quickly

Automatic reviewing and fine-tuning to finalize fast

Find more time for client work every week

Adjusting and unifying client deliverables and proposals takes just minutes. Employees can tailor and finalize the proposal generated through automation with easy access to ready-made, company-approved content made available directly in PowerPoint and Word.

  • Edit. Use our editing tools to easily generate great-looking presentations and other documents.
  • Check & correct. Scan for errors in your format, content, or layout and automatically correct them with one click.

PowerPoint presentation

Book your free demo to find out how Templafy is helping some of the world’s biggest enterprises automate document creation. 

  • Auto-compile accurate-by-default documents and presentations in a few clicks. 
  • Integrated IT systems connect company-governed data to document templates. 
  • Increase employee productivity levels through automation of repetitive tasks.