Activate your current brand identity with confidence

Evaluate, unify and strengthen your brand management across teams, markets, and platforms

Activate your brand with confidence

A rebrand can transform your company, articulate your value proposition and drive major revenue.

Or, it can lead to splintering, confusion and consumer rejection

Explore the most critical elements of a rebranding strategy that have been present in every rebrand success and absent in nearly all failures.

We have solved this branding problem. Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates and everything is completely integrated into the MS Office package. We can instantly add and edit content globally. This is amazing!

Kristian Lysgaard
Director of Corporate Communications, Pandora

This solution-oriented webinar offers practical guidance on how to:

  • Define the 20% of assets that will create 80% of the impact
  • Leverage your best brand ambassadors: your employees
  • Use all of your available channels to increase engagement

When you have the structure, playbook and technology in hand, it's easy for employees to support the brand and reduce risks.

Patrick Ohlin
Executive Advisor. Marketing & Brand Strategy Consultant

Rebranding happens when an established brand goes through the process of updating its corporate identity.

A rebrand is a redesign of both company positioning and expression, which can include a new name, logo, corporate DNA or brand strategy.

As a company evolves, it may find that its existing brand identity no longer reflects its business and audience.

Rebranding is a powerful tool to maintain relationships with customers, win new ones, gain a competitive advantage and attract top talent.

Brand consistency appears when a company’s communication is unified across every channel and platform.

That means having the same visual identity, tone of voice and value proposition – generating valuable brand equity in the process.

Consumers heavily favor brands they recognize when making a purchase, so it is essential that your brand is consistent. 

Unified brand marketing builds consumer trust and loyalty by increasing a company’s authority in the market and driving greater brand awareness.

Trust your brand is in safe hands

I am happy to know that our brand is consistently presented across service lines and offices. In addition, developing presentations and documents is more efficient.

Caroline Wilander
Caroline Wilander
Marketing Manager, BDO

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