Customer: Magic Circle law firm

  • Industry: Legal
  • Compeling Event: Cloud-based template system with offline capability
  • Location: Multiple offices worldwide

Compliant templates made securely and easily accessible

The Magic Circle law firm required a template management solution that would work across multiple offices around the world. At the same time, a new template management system should meet the individual needs of their thousands of internationally located lawyers.


Why Templafy?

The Magic Circle law firm had an existing home-made document creation system that was quickly becoming outdated. Employees were wasting valuable time searching for document templates as well as ensuring all documents were up-to-date and compliant. It became clear that the firm needed to reassess its template and document management systems.

A particular issue was the cost involved with assuring that all letters were correctly formatted to accommodate the many different cultural conventions in the firm’s numerous international offices. The firm knew they needed an updated system. However, there were concerns that implementing digital template and asset management software could pose security risks to the sensitive documents that the firm routinely produces for clients. Any solution would also have to store minimal client and employee data and be GDPR compliant.

Document creation is a core business function of any law firm. Our customer needed to ensure that its document templates could be securely hosted and accessed in the cloud without compromising any sensitive data or employee productivity during the transition. Templafy worked closely with the firm to tailor the software package to their specific security needs and underwent many rigorous security tests.

Read more about how Templafy handles data under the new GDPR legislation

The Magic Circle firm chose Templafy’s cloud-based template management solution so that its lawyers and support staff could trust and automatically assure that all documents produced are up-to-date and consistent with the firm’s best practices. Being on the cloud eliminated the need for the firm’s IT department to individually distribute updated document templates to thousands of staff in dozens of offices located around the world.

Templafy also allows lawyers to create documents on all devices, both online and offline. This benefit was essential as the firm recognized that lawyers are increasingly working on-the-go.

The firm’s letter template is an excellent example of how a cloud-based solution streamlines business processes compared to the firm’s on-premise system. Previously, several letter templates were required throughout the law firm to cater for various style and compliance conventions across different offices and jurisdictions. With Templafy’s template management application, the firm can now use just one template, which dynamically adjusts the formatting and document contents to reflect the employee’s position in the firm. Each employee has their own unique experience using Templafy in Microsoft Office, while being empowered with standardized, best-practice corporate content right where they need it.

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