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How PARK NOW's rebranding led to brand consistency 

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Location: 5 European offices
  • Number of employees: 450
About PARK NOW Group

PARK NOW's recipe for a strong and consistent brand 

Twenty years ago, PARK NOW laid the foundations for what is now the world’s largest network of parking management services. The parking solutions from PARK NOW ensure that more than 39,000,000 motorists in upwards of 1000 cities all over the world can park their vehicles easily and conveniently. 

PARK NOW has four brands: PARK NOW, Parkmobile, RingGo and Park-line. They make parking easier, faster and smarter in seven countries.

When PARK NOW became part of YOUR NOW, they launched a large-scale rebranding exercise, which was implemented by VIM Group. Consistent branding was increasingly seen as a challenge before the organization started the rebranding process. So the rebranding process was an opportunity to address this issue. Templafy was chosen to guarantee consistent use and presentation of the restyled brand identity throughout the organization. 


PARK NOW’s productivity gains

PARK NOW's branding team regularly received requests to forward specific materials. Questions like “Can you send me the logo?” and “Where can I find this image?” had to be dealt with several times a week. Templafy offers the company's employees a platform where they have a single, central point of access to the most recent versions of marketing materials, including images, logos, slides and presentations. 

This results in consistent communication and professional presentation to the outside world. According to Femke Krijger, PARK NOW's Marketing Coordinator, Templafy helps the company market itself as a strong brand. Her team no longer receives requests for information, because the materials are easy to find. A win-win situation, as it saves time for both parties. 

PARK NOW attaches great importance to maintaining brand consistency throughout the organization. In the email signature, this is reflected in the layout and, more specifically, in the spelling of the brand names. The spelling used for PARK NOW, Parkmobile, RingGo and Park-line used to cause confusion on occasion, but Templafy has completely resolved this issue.  

In addition to organization-wide use of the email signature, PARK NOW also uses this feature of Templafy to support current campaigns. PARK NOW runs multiple campaigns for webinars, events and promotions on a continuous basis. A specific campaign can be highlighted based on the brand, department, region or a specific group of employees. 

Templafy’s Email Signature Manager makes it possible to promote multiple campaigns and assure brand consistency at the same time. A task that used to be quite time-consuming for the branding team can now be completed in seconds because colleagues no longer have to update their email signatures. 

PARK NOW was accustomed to using PowerPoint as the preferred software for go-to-market plans, evaluations and general presentations. In the new situation, end users can carry on working in Office 365 because Templafy starts up automatically in PowerPoint and other apps. So Templafy is a natural addition to the workflow, resulting in high user adoption. 

End users experience the convenience of having all the templates available directly in a single tool as a huge plus. They can quickly and easily create a presentation for a customer. In line with the customer’s needs, they simply insert beautifully designed slides, images and icons. Creating a rock-solid presentation requires little effort and lets them focus more on the customer. 

It’s a win-win: we can easily enforce our brand guidelines, while all employees have easy access to fantastic templates, charts, models and processes, images and other visualizations whilst keeping to the correct brand colors and identity.

Loes Meys
Head of Marketing Operations, PARK NOW Group

Templafy has helped us implement a new brand effectively across a wide variety of customer-facing channels. It saves a lot of time and creates consistency across all communications.

Femke Krijger
Marketing Coordinator, PARK NOW Group

We can now change everyone’s email signature within minutes to include new campaign messaging, compliance information, or the most recent business-critical updates.

Chris Edwards
Marketing Director UK, PARK NOW Group

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