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How Stanton Chase create a strong and consistent visual identity

  • Industry: Executive Recruitment
  • Location: 76 offices
  • Number of employees: 350
About Stanton Chase

Stanton Chase’s compliance priorities

Founded in 1990, Stanton Chase is one of the world’s top ten executive search firms, with 76 boutique practices in over 46 countries. They offer both global perspectives and local insights in their work, and operate through focused practice groups. Their culture is entrepreneurial and localized, with a focus on meeting customer’s needs to the best of their ability.

Stanton Chase employees create many documents and presentations, and send thousands of emails to top executives daily. Due to their executive clientele, professionalism and brand consistency are extremely important. Visual identity is also key, and needs to be consistent across international offices. Stanton Chase were facing difficulties as each office stored document templates in local folders, making governance and central updates impossible. Changes to templates were made manually by individual employees, following email instructions. Both the manual updates and the communication around them were time-consuming, inefficient and difficult to govern. As a result, international teams with international clients would be using different versions of the same document, meaning a lot of time was spent policing visual identity.


How Stanton Chase ensure document compliance

Stanton Chase implemented a template management system to help them centrally administer and deploy document templates and email signatures. The centralization of this was especially important, as it meant there was no need to update over 76 offices, or inform everyone about it. Instead, the updates are rolled-out to all employees in every location in real-time.

Visual identity has also been improved through email signature software, which personalizes each Stanton Chase employee’s email signature with their contact information and the latest corporate email signature design, containing the correct logos and disclaimers. There are no longer problems with formatting, as everyone has their email signatures in the right format. It’s easy for employees to adhere to corporate standards because it’s automatic – and changes are also implemented automatically. This ensures a strong visual identity across all communication, as email signatures are consistent and up-to-date.

Stanton Chase employees can access all their templates directly in the applications that they are working in, for examples, templates for Word documents are accessed and customized through a task pane in Microsoft Word. Similarly, Stanton Chase’s standard PowerPoint presentation template is accessed by employees within PowerPoint, and easily customized with pre-made team slides from the same task pane. Stanton Chase’s employees now have everything they need to quickly access relevant content, and build on-brand presentations, meaning they save time in their workdays.

“I’ve received several positive remarks that Templafy is very useful, and has sped up employee’s work. When they have a new presentation, they just download it, tweak it, and 5 minutes later it’s ready for clients.”

It just works. We used to have problems with formatting, and now everyone has their email signatures in the right format. It’s really easy for people to adhere to our corporate standards because it’s automatic – and changes are also implemented automatically. Once the team has Email Signature Manager, boom! You know everything is correct.

Franz Rois
Marketing Director, Stanton Chase

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